FORUM8 Design Festival 2016-3Days
Detail of Lecture overviews

Wed. 16 Nov. The 17th UC-win/Road Conference Autonomous Driving Conference
Award ceremony of The 15th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud
Book launching Lecture
Networkeng Party, Book Launch Sale

Thu. 17 Nov.   The 17th UC-win/Road Conference VR Conference
Final Judgement of The 4th Cloud Programming World Cup
and The 6th Virtual Design World Cup
The 9th International VR Symposium
The 2nd State of the Art Technologies in Expression /
Latest Contents Sessions / CRAVA Inc.
Award ceremony of The 4th Cloud Programming World Cup
and The 6th Virtual Design World Cup
Networking Party

Fri. 18 Nov.   The 10th Design Conference
Seismic, Geotechnical and Water Works Sessions
Award Ceremony for The 3rd National Resilience Design Award

Wed. 16 November
9:50 - 15:30  The 17th UC-win/Road Conference
UC-win/Road is used for a variety of fields such as road design, vehicle system development, and ITS traffic system research. Nowadays it promotes software and system developments related to ADAS and autonomous driving research developments. In addition to the introduction of the latest functions and cases, "Autonomous Driving Conference" will be held as a new trial, and lectures about domestic and abroad movements, current issues, and prospects.

Presentation about The era of virtual reality UC-win/Road® 10:00-11:00
"Past development results of driving simulator and VR system, and future vision"
Katsumi Matsuda, Executive Officer and System Sales Manager of FORUM8

A wide variety of demands required for vehicle development, training, and exhibition simulator system are being sophisticated year by year due to the diversification of hardware environments. A lot of features such as Small to large scale driving simulators, multi-axis motion platform, HMD, AR/MR, UAV, brain wave sensor, and linkage system with the biological signal measurement device have been equipped to UC-win/Road since it was released in 2008. FORUM8 will introduce the development results and future vision of UC-win/Road's advanced VR model creation and the simulator system that is making the fullest possible use of Image Generation function

"Associated functions of Driving Sim and ADAS, and future development"
Pencreach Yoann, Executive officer and VR Development Manager of FORUM8

With people in the world are trying to develop ADAS and autonomous car, the high performance, flexibility, and expandability of driving simulators has been demanded more and more. In this presentation, UC-win/Road supported by 64 bit is introduced. It has enhanced its features with a focus on CG performance, efficiency of the course creation, freedom degree of the simulation control, multi DS linkage, and cooperation with the car simulation system. In addition, our future challenge and development policy for VR solution are explained.

Special Lecture 11:00-12:00
"METI's involvement in autonomous driving"

Study commission of autonomous driving business has been established in February 2015 in order that Japanese automobile industry leads the world in the field of the autonomous driving that is expected to grow and contributes to the solutions of social issues like car accidents, and necessary works has been considered by the cooperation of the industry, academia, and government.
In this lecture, Mr. Okuda introduces the commission's policy that summarizes current situations and issues of the autonomous driving and, based on it, current efforts of METI such as a new demonstration project in fiscal 2016.

Automobile Division,
Manufacturing Industries Bureau
Director of Electric Vehicle,
Advanced Technology
and ITS Promotion Office

Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry

Mr. Shuji Okuda

Born in February 1974 in Osaka. Finished Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University in March 1993. Joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (formerly Ministry of International Trade and Industry). Took his current position in June 2016. 

Guest Greeting 13:15-13:30
A member of the House of Representatives, a primary minister who is in charge of national toughening and disaster prevention. Graduated from the faculty of economics of Seikei Univ. and joined a major insurance company. He was chosen in an election of the House of Representatives for 9 times in Gifu's 5 constituency. His actions in the parliamentary group: pres. of the provision team of the Liberal Democratic Party against the abduction issue by North Korea, pres. of the committee for the IT security, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting informatization education, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting the next generation energy system, pres. of the motor sports promotion team in LDP, etc. The author of several books.
President of "parliamentary
group for considering
Automobile Culture"
Member of the
House of Representatives

Mr. Keiji Furuya

Special Lecture 13:30-14:30
"Trends of autonomous driving- world movement about standards of automobile"

Autonomous driving has attracted a lot of attention in the point of view of a comfort and safety. Countries including Western countries are making various plans and studies. On another front, Japanese automakers and parts manufacturers have ability to lead the world in the field of advanced technologies that support autonomous driving skill. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is responsible for deciding standards of car safety and environment, and it also plays an international and hub role in the UN activities of standards decision. Especially in the field of autonomous driving, Japan serves as co-chair with Germany and leads UN activities. In this lecture, based on the above, he explains domestic and international trends of autonomous driving and the role that Japan should undertake.

Director of International affairs,
Engineering Policy Division,
Road Transport Bureau
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism

Mr. Hidenobu Kubota

Born in 1967. He was graduated Earth Resources and Energy Engineering course, Faculty of Engineering of Kyoto Univ. in March 1992, and joined Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (formerly Ministry of Transport) in April. In 2008, he took over as a director of Geneva office of Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center (JASIC), and joined activity of automobile standards making in WP29 of UN/ECE by deputy of Japan. Took the current post in July 2015.

Special Lecture 14:30-15:30
"Review of autonomous driving and considerations for the future"

Relating to vehicles using autonomous driving technologies, he introduces police reviews about Japanese rules issues including Road Traffic Act. Specifically, he explains overview of guidelines for proving tests on public roads about the autonomous driving system and legal and operational issues to solve, after explaining the basic relationship between Road Traffic Act and autonomous driving. He also introduces the current discussions about Geneva Convention on Road Traffic and other international traffic rules.

Assistant director of Traffic planning,
Traffic Bureau, National Police Agency

Mr. Takashi Ono

Joined National Police Agency in April 2001. Experienced the director of Second Investigation Division in Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters and Tama Central Police Station of NPA. Took the current post in August 2015.

15:45-17:20 Award Ceremony for The 15th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud
Excellent VR data has come to the 15th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud from domestic and overseas. The field is expanding to assessment, disaster prevention and reduction including civil engineering/architecture and traffic/automobile. This is the must-see event that you can find new possibilities of UC-win/Road.

>>The detail of the 15th 3D VR Simulation Contest
Mr. Ryuta Ieiri as a presenter
He is an architectural IT journalist transmitting information on his blog to solve the business challenges that the construction industry has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM, 3DCAD and informatization construction etc.

17:20-18:00 Book Launching Lecture (The books are written in Japanese.)
"Learning Road & Pavement Construction
Engineering Through VR"
President of Pave & Road How-To Way
Technology Association (Paroway Tec)

Mr. Tatsuoki Inagaki

Japanese social capital is changing drastically to aim to "super-smart society" where top science technologies are converging. Japan has pavements that is about 6 thousands km long and 60 trillion yen as total assets, and they are also changing as well. From the evaluations and reviews of the history and current situation, this technical book describes pavements toward the super-smart society that is making full use of IoT and AI, and practical knowledge such as investigation, diagnosis, design, and construction.
Written by Tatsuoki Inagaki, President of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association (Paroway Tec) / Published by FORUM8 Publishing

"BIM & CIM world expanded by FORUM8" Construction IT World
Mr. Ryuta Ieiri

"What we can do by CIM" will increase by a variety of solutions of FORUM8 such as CIM tool including UC-win/Road, UC-1 series and systems linked with VR and hardware! In addition to for efficiency and cost reduction, this CIM practice book is for advanced and wide business development more than figure and CG creation.
Edited by Rtyta Ieiri (Construction IT World) / Publishe by Kensetsutsusin Shimbun Corporation

"Safe and secure pictograms"
"Refuge Guidance Sign Total System (RGSS) Guidebook"
Director of NPO Sign Center
Mr. Yukio Ota

Two complementary technical books that cover signs related to social safety and security are published. One is a book named "Safe and Secure pictograms" and it reviews adjustability of pictogram design. The other book is named "Refuge Guidance SignTotal System" and covers basic designs and plans of evacuation guide sign and show practical usage.
Written by Yukio Ota, Director of NPO Sign Center / Published by FORUM8 Publishing

 Networkeng Party, Book Launch Sale (Venue: Foyer)
Authors and editors will deliver lectures At the time of unveiling of FORUM8 books.
VR game event will also be held and participants can get a good bonus.

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Thu. 17 November
9:50-11:00 The 17th UC-win/Road Conference

FORUM8 has promoted further VR utilization study and development through the collaboration between "World 16" by researchers in the world and State of the Technologies in Expression Association, the business integration with CRAVA Inc., the academic-industrial cooperative project with MIT, and the business collaboration with the architectural competition website Arcbazar. We introduce these activities and Professor Yoshiyuki Kawazoe from Tohoku University delivers a special lecture.

Special Lecture 10:00-11:00
"Break the mold - cognitive ability of human and its limit as the design foundation"

Displays have gotten high-definition rapidly thus the number of our visual cells on the retina has reached its limit against 8K television, and subliminal effect that was used in advertising has been prohibited in the broadcast. It's time to review the design itself from the foundation. Prof. Kawazoe starts this lecture with the erroneous example of the common sense that the moon is the earth's satellite. He also deals with topics of the vehicle that moves smoothly with triangle tires to seek drastic new design policy scientifically and psychologically.

New Industry Creation
Hatchery Center,
Tohoku University

Mr. Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

A doctor of nuclear theory in Tohoku University. He became an emeritus professor in the metal material laboratory after he experienced the professor. A professor of New Industry Creation Hatchery Center in the university. He also acts for the conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science.

11:00-12:00 The 4th Cloud Programming World Cup Final Judgement
The 6th Virtual Design World Cup Final Judgement
The 6th VDWC is a competition of advanced architecture and civil engineering design. The 4th CPWC is a programming skill competition of a cloud application. Students in the world create works for VDWC and CPWC every year. You can see many works with full of ideas and students presentations at the final judgement. Host: Mr. Yuji Abe
Born in Tokyo in 1958 and graduated as Political Science and Economics major from Waseda University. He has currently taken successive lead roles as a reporter in various Japanese TV programs such as "Variety show Sukkiri!!". He is known for his competence in English, his ability that helped him become a professional private teacher who helped his students pass an entrance exam to many prestigious schools and also helped him interview Hollywood stars visiting Japan without an interpreter.
Presenter: Ryuta Ieiri
>>The 4th Cloud Programming World Cup
>>The 6th Virtual Design World Cup

13:15-15:15 The 9th International VR Symposium
The 2nd State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association / Latest Contents Sessions / CRAVA Inc.

State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association introduces their activities such as a variety of projects utilizing leading-edge expression technologies like VR and curriculums related to expression technologies. CRAVA Inc. describes cases of video game contents and systems that apply the VR technology.

President of The Association
of State of the Art Technologies
in Visual Expression

Mr. Satoshi Machida
  "Efforts to utilize leading-edge expression technologies"

The Association of State of the Art Technologies in Visual Expression engage in a variety of activities that utilize advanced expression technologies such as 3DVR and projection mapping. He looks back on the association's activities of this year and explains "the simulation of debris avalanche by using UAV's aerial video at the time just behind Kumamoto earthquake" as the social action program. He also provides information about education and exams related to the expression technologies.

A part-time advisor of FORUM8, President of The Association of State of the Art Technologies in Visual Expression. He also acts as CEO of AmbientMedia, producer of contents service, a consultant of projection mapping, digital signage, AR and 3D media, an advisor of URCF, and an advisor of Projection Mapping Association. Author of several books.

President of CRAVA Inc.
Mr. Kurato Kazuki
  "The Possibility of VR in game industry"

He has provided "UC-win/Road Rose Online" and "Urban air walk", which is the experience of flight in VR space by 6K multi cluster digital signage and Kinect, as the collaborations between FORUM8's VR technology and CRAVA's game contents. In this lecture, he describes the process of work flow construction and production by using UC-win/Road features. He also explain application example of UC-win/Road Train Simulator from the view of game industry.

He established CRAVA Inc. in 2009. Using his skills for 3D creation and design with high versatility, he has results for 3DCG and 3D contents as well as applications for PCs and smartphones, video games, and Web design. CRAVA Inc. has been integrated their business with FORUM8 in April 2015 and started collaboration with VR technology of UC-win/Road.

15:30-17:30 Award Ceremony for The 4th Cloud Programming World Cup /
Cloud Programming Cup Prize / Judge's special prize / Nominee's prize
The 6th Virtual Design World Cup /
Cloud Programming Cup Prize / Excellent prize / Judge's special prize / Nominee's prize
The 2nd Junior Software Seminar 

Special Lecture 15:30-16:00
"ArcBazar x ProjectVR"

"Arcbazar" is a cloud sourcing website that clients can hold architecture design competitions and was started in MIT. "Arcbazar+ProjectVR" is a service that "ProjectVR", the system that supports evaluation and decision making in the view of sustainability, is added on to "Arcbazar". They introduce a breakthrough system of "Arcbazar" and "Obama Center Competition" in June this year. In addition, the mechanism of "Self-Assessment site" and "ProjectVR" that utilizes VR-Cloud® are also explained.

Arcbazar CEO
Mr. Imdat As

Founder of Arcbazar. Being in the front line of the architecture cloud sourcing with Arcbazar, he decides company's vision and strategy, and takes command for its growth. His purpose is to provide original world wide access to the high-quality architectural resource filled with imagination and renew the previous experience about home designs. He has received Master of Architecture at MIT and Ph.D at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

  CEO of NPO Workshop for
Sustainable Community

Mr. Hiroo Kasagi

Commissioner of Environment Assessment Committee, commissioner of Institute of Local Governments, Part-Time Instructor at the Nagano Univerisity, executive officer of Kizaki lake onsen development Co.Ltd., councilor of Nagano Ohmachi Kita High School. Author of several books. He was awarded with the 2013 Global Warming Prevention Ambassador Award.

   Excellent works created in "Junior Software Seminar" are awarded.

13:15-15:15  The 9th International VR Symposium

VR usage proposals has been presented and discussed at the International VR symposium by World16 consisting of architecture, civil engineering, and urban plan researchers around the world. So far, it has been held in Phoenix, the US (2008), Hakone, Japan (2009), Santa Barbara, the US (2010), Pisa, Italy (2011), Hawaii (2014), and Thessaloniki, Greece (2015). This time, Yoshihiro Kobayashi from Arizona State Univ. hosts the symposium as the place of research and development presentation of summer workshop in Osaka in July 2016.

Mr. Yoshihiro Kobayashi
Arizona State University
Mr. Taro Narahara
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Using a microcomputer board "Ardrino" that are often used for STEM education in the United States, he introduces the device creation and programming method to control UC-win/Road by using data from sensors.

Mr. Kostas Terzidis Harvard Univ.

Planning and management tools required for starting application developments and sales business of a cloud service by using map information in iPhone and Android.

Mr. Matthew Swarts
Georgia Institute of Technology

He demonstrates asynchronous communication from a browser to UC-win/Road with Web socket. VR tools utilizing a gyro sensor of smartphones can be operated and it is expected to be applied widely to entertainment and other ways.

Mr. Thomas Tucker
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ.

His work is the generation of architecture models by using a tool that create 3D models from multiple images. He explains key points to create more precise data.

Mr. Marcos Novak University of California

How an artificial intelligence builds a VR space. Using deep learning method, he explains the VR space creation method by the artificial intelligence that learned art styles of Gogh.

Mr. Claudio Lebarca
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Chile government is constructing the system that autonomous trucks transport ores from underground copper mines. He explain the way to visualize tunnels inside the mine in VR.

Mr. Ron Howker University of Alberta

In this project, the world of The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, the ukiyo-e by Hiroshige Utagawa, is ported to VR space. He explains process and points of VR space creation with the Canadian interpretation of Japanese beauty.

Mr. Amar Bennadji Robert Gordon Univ.

He introduces the archive creation of historical buildings by using point cloud data and how to correct colors and data of unextracted parts by UC-win/Road.

Mr. Wael Abdelhameed
University of Bahrain

How to construct a system to display measured data like energy effectiveness in each rooms by searching in VR space. He also explains MicroSimulation tool in UC-win/Road and original creation method of XML data.

Mr. Paolo Fiamma Università di Pisa

Overview of the new BIM education that starts in Università di Pisa is introduced. Using the example of the linkage between UC-win/Road and AllPlan, he also explains details and way of data conversion (mainly IFC) that integrates VR and BIM.

Mr. Sky Lo University of Victoria

He introduces a WebCAD tool that can review designs on the web and how to create VR 3D data based on the architecture plan generated by this tool.

Networking Party(Venue: Trattoria Italia Shinagawa)
Shinagawa Intercity B annex 1F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Fri. 18 November
9:50-15:15 The 10th Design Conference
Seismic, Geotechnical and Water Works Sessions

Special Lecture 10:00-11:00
"Public works that contribute to the productivity improvement in the depopulating society"

The urgent political issue in Japan is how we improve productivity in preparation for the aging society with fewer children. Generally speaking, we need not and cannot maintain all public institutes in the depopulating society. We have to make a choice of investment among roads and public buildings. Meanwhile, on a cost-benefit basis in the expected aging society, public investment for core cities conversion to compact cities in order to increase productivity of medical and nursing care will have the priority. In addition, the determination of priorities of public investment with the focus on the cities age structure will also be important. In such situation, we can also be guided by the high-precision analysis with software technology and the verification by virtual reality that focuses on human motion.

a member of the House of Representatives
Mr. Keiichiro Asao

In the 3rd terms as a member of the House of Representatives (and was selected for 2 times in the House of Councilors). Graduated from Faculty of Law of the University of Tokyo. He got MBA in Graduate School of Business of Stanford University during he worked for The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. He holds "Association for Japanese vision" every month.

Special Lecture 11:00-12:00
"The latest cases and simulations of evacuation analysis and security measures"

The evacuation/crowd analysis simulation software EXODUS/SMARTFIRE developed by Fire Safety Engineering Group in University of Greenwich has simulated a lot of major institutes in the world. In this lecture, he explains possibilities of analysis result simulation such as the latest functions of the software, UrbanEXODUS that supports urban scale evacuation simulation, the latest information of the project that utilizes the training system of special forces against airport terror, and the case that UC-win/Road and EXODUS were used for the airport evacuation analysis with CCTV monitoring system.

Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG)
University of Greenwich

Prof. Edwin Galea

Professor Galea is the founder of the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) of the University of Greenwich. This is the place where the highly-accurate evacuation analysis software EXODUS was developed. It is also a major source of many prominent papers and published works regarding evacuation analysis, while also starring numerous times in major companies such as BBC or ABC.

Special Lecture 13:15-14:15
"Transition of bridge technology - toward a tough and long-lasting bridge"

Bridge technology in Japan had been imported from Europe formerly. In recent years, however, many bridges originally developed in Japan has been constructed in view of the example of extradosed bridge and PC bridge. Meanwhile, it has caused a new problem of the aging of the bridge. In this lecture, Prof. Mutsuyoshi describes the new bridge technology that he developed and the latest study cases about bridge durability and maintenance that are controversial.
Information about new specifications for highway bridges will also be provided.

Professor of Graduate School of Science and Engineering /
Director of International Institute for Resilient Society,
Saitama University
Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi

Finished his master's study in Graduate school of the University of Tokyo in 1978. Became a professor of Saitama University in 1996 and there in 2016. He also acts as a director of International Institute for Resilient Society of Saitama University, a doctor of engineering, professional engineer, and ACI (American Concrete Institute) Fellow from 2016.

IM&VR, presentation of the nation strengthening solution" 14:15-15:15
"The latest products of FEM analysis series and their functions"
"BIM/CIM world expanded by FORUM8"

FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

BIM/CIM models spread year by year, and FORUM8 is providing solutions focus on VR and structure design/analysis. FEM series products as IM & VR solution and nation strengthening solution support BIM/CIM. We introduce the advanced analysis functions of 2D non-linear analysis for RC structures WCOMD Studio and the elasto-plastic and flow analysis GeoFEAS Flow 3D as the new products of FEM series.
We also explain the design case of grade separated crossing created by UC-win/Road + Allplan that was selected and used for CIM solution by JACIC.

15:30-17:00 Award Ceremony for The 3rd National Resilience Design Award

"National Resilience Design Award" is the place to provide information and to improve skills by assembling concrete cases and results which is helping to strengthen the national land. Various brilliant works for strengthening of national land in the field of structural analysis (civil engineering and construction), ground and water engineering, and disaster prevention will be introduced.

>>Detail for The 3rd National Resilience Design Award
Special Lecture Prof. of Graduate School of
Science and Engineering /
Director of International Institute for
Resilient Society, Saitama University
Prof. Hiroshi
13:15-14:15 Information about new specifications
for highway bridges will also be provided.
"Transition of bridge technology
- toward tough and long-lasting bridge"

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