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UC-win Series Dynamic Analysis
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Advanced Ver.6
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Standard Ver.6
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Lite Ver.6
Frame analysis for 3-D Models
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Ver.5 Advanced US$6,800
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Ver.5 Standard US$4,800
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Ver.5 Lite US$3,000
Three Dimensional Analysis Program for Space-Framed Structures
Japanese Version/English Version/Chinese Version/Korean Version
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('11.01.05) Ver.4.00.02
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Analysis Support Service
Applicable to Windows2000/XP/Vista
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Product detailsPrice/purchaseSamples

Analysis example
Analysis and an examination-by-reference example

Deformation figure and damage judgment

Damage display of fiber element (5 stages)

Damage display of PC steel

Stress resultant figure (bending moment, axial force)

Large displacement analysis of L shape
eccentric reinforced concrete bridge pier

Large deformation analysis
for ring model is available

Damage judgment by response strain

Damage situation of cross section for bridge
column base

Section data allocation according to frame model generation line color from DXF・DWG data

Verification result (allowable stress)

Overview of verification result

Overview of verification result
(residual displacement)

Overview of verification result

Example of frame models

Straight bridge Curved bridge Arch bridge

Dynamic analysis of four-level RC building structure
(Entire structure)

Dynamic analysis of four-level RC building structure

Dynamic nonlinear analysis of steel deck arch bridge

Live load analysis

Analysis Example: Animation of displacement

Animation of displacement (Solid model display)

Result of a fiber element

Reinforced concrete building structure model analysis example by Hyogo ken-Nanbu Earthquake wave on four layer construction

Dynamic analysis of four-level RC building structure(1F)

Damage situation of columns and history of reinforcement

Analysis Examples AVI
Building Construction Models

Dynamic analysis of four-level RC building structure
(Entire structure)

Dynamic analysis of four-level RC building structure

Highway Bridge and Railway Bridge Models

Dynamic nonlinear analysis example of rock shed

Buckling analysis of truss bridge

Buckling analysis of circular pipe

Dynamic nonlinear analysis of steel deck arch bridge

Base isolated curve bridge (dynamic nonlinear)

Dynamic nonlinear analysis of 5 span continuous bridge

Analysis example of "PC rigid-frame bridge"

Dynamic nonlinear analysis of railroad rigid-frame high bridge

Steel I-beam super structure non composite beam [three-dimensional grill] (static linear)

Analysis example of "aqueduct"

Bridge Substructure Design and Foundation Design Models

Static Repetition Analysis

Steel bridge pier

Pushover analysis of pile group foundation (static nonlinear)

Flexural strength control type steel plate lining and RC lining reinforcement of RC bridge pier.
(static nonlinear)

Collapse analysis

Special Structures and Others

Box culvert (Displacement)

Film structure analysis
(Large scale displacement analysis)

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