The 2nd Cloud Programming World Cup
 Prize-winning works and resutls


The 2nd Cloud Programming World Cup
The 2nd Student Cloud Programming World Cup

-Put your 3D VR Cloud application programming skills to the test using FORUM8's Software Development Kit (SDK)!-

The Cloud Programming Cup Prize Award is worth 300,000 yen!

  Cloud Programming Cup Prize : 1
Award 300,000 yen, world cup, award certificate

  Judge's special prize : 4
Award 50,000 yen, judge's special prize, award certificate

  Nominee's prize
Award certificate, a panel of their work, memorials, FORUM8 original gift
  Participation Prize (for all applicants whose works satisfy the rules)
Award certificate

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  Awards ('14.11.21)   

 Title : Kinect Smart Drive
 Team Name : Great Sword 
 University Name :  Shanghai Jiao Tong University  Country name : China

Kinect Smart Drive combines Kinect drive and smart drive (automatic assist drive) together. User can use it in UC-win/Road with a Kinect sensor. For the user who do not have kinect, can just use smart drive functions. It is not only a software plug-in, but also a game system, even can be a good tools for researchers reseach about the automatic drive. We hope everyone can have fun with this wonderful plug-in.
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Judge's special prize
Tomohiro Fukuda
(Head of judges and associate professor from the Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University)
 Title : Analysis of drive behavior in shared spaces and
       architecture of large scale simulation environments
 Team Name : Chocolat
 University Name : Sugiyama Jyogakuen University Country name : Japan

Our target is to construct a virtual driving way for beginner drivers in "Shared space". Shared space is proposed by Hans Monderman, a Dutch traffic engineer. It is a way-out traffic concept which is widely-used in Europe. A city on the concept of shared space minimizes the use of traffic lights and traffic signs, and enhances safety awareness of both drivers and pedestrians. The shared space was already introduced as a trial in Kyoto in 2011. However, the shared space is still unfamiliar concept for Japanese people. Therefore, our team tried to develop a virtual driving way in the shared space for beginner drivers.
As a first step, our team focused on an intersection called by "Roundabout". Roundabout is a traffic-lights-free intersection which is frequently used in Shared space. In the roundabout, there is a center circle, and vehicles must drive round the circle in one direction way. In recent years, roundabout can be introduced into Japan by easing of regulations. Thus, our team constructed a virtual city based on an actual roundabout at Ichinomiya, Aichi.
Moreover, it requires a navigation function which gives instructions (e.g., go straight, turn right, round a circle, and so on) to drivers in the virtual city. In order to realize the navigation function, our team developed a plugin "Chocolat" (Chocolat is my favorite food). This plugin enables to display navigation instructions by text and image on the screen without any difficulty. A trigger condition of the navigation instruction is given by X, Y, DX, and DY where X and Y are position of vehicle, and DX and DY are direction of vehicle in the virtual city.
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Judge's special prize
Mr. Hiroyuki Hakura
(Delegate of "the Forum for Advancement of Stereoscopic Three Dimensional Image Technology and Arts" / Designated Professor of Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School)
 Title : Building of a test environment for automatic driving systems
 Team Name : SDL
 University Name :  Kyushu University Country name : Japan

There are various studies that aim to make automatic driving systems possible in a near future. As a part of this movement, we developed this plugin to assess what kind of behavior and accidents can happen at converging junctions. This plugin adds traffic indicators to scenario event exit conditions.
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Judge's special prize
Prof. Taro Narahara
(Associate professor from the College of Architectural Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology)
 Title : Openstreetmap import and navigation plugin
 Team Name : Torneko
 University Name :  Shanghai Maritime University Country name : China

This plugin focus on how to make a fast deployment of a road network data and make it possible for UC-win road to do a route.)
We choose OpenStreetMap data for the road network data source cause it’s free and fast. We choose VR-Cloud® to achieve the route navigation function cause a user of the data is more likely to use navigation function but not the designer(will explain followed).
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Judge's special prize
Pencreach Yoann
(Technical Manager of FORUM8 VR development)
 Title : Driving Support Plugin
 Team Name : Kaisers
 University Name :  Kansai University Country name : Japan

This plugin allow the reproduction of real world driving and road conditions in the simulation, using vehicle control information logged with the CAN logger.
By displaying alerts in situations that leads to traffic jam, users can use the simulation to practice driving ways that do not lead to traffic jams.
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