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FORUM8 Design Festival 2017-3Days+Eve
Detail of Lectures

11/15 Wed.
The18th UC-win/Road Conference
Autonomous Driving Conference
Award ceremony of The 16th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud
Book Launching Lecture
Networking party, Book Launch Sale

11/16 Thu.
  The 18th UC-win/Road Conference VR Conference
The 2nd State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association /
Latest Contents Sessions / CRAVA Inc.
Final Judgement and Award Ceremony of
The 5th Cloud Programming World Cup
and The 7th Virtual Design World Cup
The 10th International VR Symposium
Award Ceremony of The 3rd Junior Software Seminar
Networking Party

11/17 Fri.
  The 11th Design Conference IM&VR i-Construction Session
Award Ceremony of The 4th National Resilience Design Award

 Day1 11/15 Wed.

 -The 18th UC-win/Road Conference-
 The 18th VR Conference
Autonomous Driving
MIC, METI, MLIT, NPA deliver speeches!
UC-win/Road is used for a variety of fields such as road design, vehicle system development, and ITS traffic system research. Nowadays it promotes software and system developments related to ADAS and autonomous driving research developments. In addition to the introduction of the latest functions and cases, "Autonomous Driving Conference" will be held as a new trial, and lectures about domestic and abroad movements, current issues, and prospects.

Presentation of the era of virtual reality UC-win/Road® 10:00am-11:00am
"Development example and future vision of VR driving simulator, training and exhibition system"
Katsumi Matsuda, Executive Officer and System Sales Manager of FORUM8

VR driving simulators are used widely for the development of ADAS and autonomous driving system, driving diagnosis, and road design. On the background of the rapid evolution of the sensing and VR/AR technologies, the demand for training systems and exhibition systems that various devices are linked is increasing. This is a presentation about the case studies of the system construction related to automobile by using the simulation timer / SILS function and the MATLAB/Simulink linkage function that are equipped in the UC-win/Road native 64 bit version, the case studies of construction of training system and exhibition system cooperated with sensing devices, and the future vision.

"Development of environment for autonomous driving total simulation"
Pencreach Yoann, Executive officer and VR Development Manager of FORUM8

Integrated simulation platform should be essential for the technology development and expansion of autonomous driving, IoT, and new mobility supporting the society's evolution. This is an explanation about the latest information and future development policy of linkage functions of UC-win/Road that FORUM8 has enhanced so far to this aim. He also talks about the cloud solution development for infrastructure management, and a future challenge as well as simulations focusing on automobile are explained.

Special Lecture 11:00am-11:40am
"Circumstances surrounding autonomous driving
and Connected Car, and MIC's involvement in them"

Automobile's evolution is said to have mainly two directions. One is an advancement of “autonomous driving” technology, and the other is an advancement of “Connected Car”. In this presentation, Mr. Nakazato reviews the approaches about the autonomous driving made by the government and introduces the situation these two themes are in including the MIC's activities.

In April 1995, he joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications FKA the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and mainly was engaged in R&D and frequency allocation. He took his current position in July 2017.
Director, New Generation Mobile Communication System Promotion office, Mobile Satellite Communications Division,
Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau
Ministry of Internal Affairs and

Mr. Gaku Nakazato

Guest Greeting
A member of the House of Representatives, a primary minister who is in charge of national toughening and disaster prevention. Graduated from the faculty of economics of Seikei Univ. and joined a major insurance company. He was chosen in an election of the House of Representatives for 9 times in Gifu's 5 constituency. His actions in the parliamentary group: pres. of the provision team of the Liberal Democratic Party against the abduction issue by North Korea, pres. of the committee for the IT security, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting informatization education, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting the next generation energy system, pres. of the motor sports promotion team in LDP, etc. The author of several books. 
President of "Parliamentary group for considering Automobile Culture" Member of the House of Representatives
Mr. Keiji Furuya  

Special Lecture 1:20pm-2:00pm
"The METI's involvement in autonomous driving"

In February 2015, "Autonomous Driving Business Study Commission" was established, and activities required are reviewed through the collaboration between industry, educational institutions and the administration in order that Japanese automobile industry leads the world in the growing autonomous driving field and contributes to the resolution of social issues like traffic accidents. Based on the debates in the study commission, Mr. Kakimi introduces METI's current activities such as "policy toward the realization of autonomous driving" made up in March and demonstration project according to it.

Born in August 1972. Finished his master in engineering at University of Tokyo in March 1997, he joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (FKA the Ministry of International Trade and Industry). He took his current position in July 2017.

Director of Electric Vehicle, Advanced Technology and ITS Promotion Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau,
Automobile Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  
Mr. Naohiko Kakimi  

Special Lecture 2:00pm-2:40pm
"The MLIT's involvement in autonomous driving"

MLIT is aiming to contribute to the reduce of traffic accidents through promoting safe vehicle production by formulating the vehicle safety standards, and through developing, putting into practical use, and spreading automobiles equipped with a safe driving support system using advanced technologies. This is the presentation about the efforts that the MLIT is making related to the latest automobile technologies including the autonomous driving technology.

Entered the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (FKA Ministry of Transport) in 1993. He took his current position in July 2017 after experienced the director of JASIC Washington Office, the Recall Enforcement Office in Type Approval and Recall Division, and for Maintenance Service Supervision in Maintenance Service Division, Road Transport Bureau.

Director, International Affairs Office and Autonomous Driving Strategy Office, Engineering Policy Division,
Road Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Mr. Masato Sahashi

Special Lecture 2:40pm-3:20pm
"Trends of autonomous driving and NPA's involvement"

Autonomous driving is considered as the technology that contributes to reducing and easing traffic accidents in the future Japan, and the NPA is also working to support its advancement. In this lecture, Mr. Sugi introduces the current world trends about the autonomous driving, and the NPA's efforts related to it.

He graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University in March 1988, and entered the National Police Agency in April. He experienced the director of the Police Administration Department, Nagasaki Prefectural Police, and Investigator of the Allowance and Welfare Division, Commissioner General's Secretariat, NPA, and took his current position in June 2017.

Director, Autonomous Driving Planning Office, Traffic Planning Division, Traffic Bureau,
National Police Agency  
Mr. Toshihiro Sugi  

 The Award Ceremony of
 The 16th 3DVR Simulation Contest
Experts explain awarded works data.
Don't miss new possibilities of the UC-win/Road!
Mr. Ryuta Ieiri
He is an architectural IT journalist solving the business challenges that the construction industry
has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM.
Excellent VR data gathered from Japan and overseas for the 16th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud. The competition objects are expanded to various fields such as environmental assessment and disaster prevention and reduction in addition to civil engineering, architecture, and traffic and vehicle in recent years. At the award ceremony, experts will explain the prize-winning data. This is a must-see event to know new possibilities of the UC-win/Road.

>>Detail of The 16th 3DVR Simulation Contest

Book Launching Lecture  5:20pm-5:40pm
Two books created by FORUM8 and published by FORUM8 Publishing come out at the Design Festival 2017.
The authors and editorial supervisor are invited and introduce the theme of their own books.
"Learning Bridge Engineering through VR"
President of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association (Paroway Tec)
Mr. Tatsuoki Inagaki

The number of bridge longer than 2 m in Japan is 700 thousand for road bridge and 90 thousand for railroad bridge, most of them were built in the high economic growth period. Those bridges require maintenance because many of them are getting older. Including a little expert knowledge and collaboration with VR, this book explains the background and the whole image of bridge in the chapter 1, and how to watch over bridges in the chapter 2. It is expected that people who read this book become a fan of bridge as that of railroads, and more people come to know how to take care of bridges.
Supervisor: Tatsuoki Inagaki / Published by FORUM8 Publishing

Refuge Guidance Sign Total System RGSS Guidebook
Visual communication designer, Director of NPO Sign Centre
Mr. Yukio Ota
"Safe and secure pictogram" published as an illuminating book for recognition in November 2016 is a book that is closely examining the compatibility and academically searching for its issues and improvements. Mr. Yukio Ota, the author of the book, has written a new complementary and practical guidebook. These two books and the "Total System" that can cope with each disaster will contribute to the creation of safe and secure cities.
Editor: Yukio Ota (Director of NPO Sign Centre) / Published by FORUM8 Publishing

Networking Party, Book Launch Sale  5:45pm-
Venue: Foyer
Authors and editors will deliver lectures at the time of unveiling of FORUM8 books. VR game event will also be held and participants can get a good bonus. We are looking forward to having you attend.

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 Day2 11/16 Thu.

 -The 18th UC-win/Road Conference-
 The 18th VR Conference
The 3rd State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association /
Latest Contents Sessions / CRAVA Inc.

State of the Art Technologies
in Expression Association
"Support for expanding the usage of state of the art technologies in expression"

Announcement of Hagura Award
State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association has established "Hagura Award" to spread the cutting-edge expression technologies further. The purpose of this award is to contribute to enhancing expression technologies quality and expand it widely, by awarding the results of contribution to society through works and activities utilizing the state-of-the-art expression technologies regardless of fields.

About Conduct of Test
Introduction of the test that the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association is planning to conduct in March 2018.

President of The State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association
Mr. Satoshi Machida

A part-time advisor of FORUM8, CEO of AmbientMedia.
A consultant of projection mapping and 3D media

CRAVA 3:30pm-4:00pm
"VR game development and future vision"

In this presentation, Mr. Kazuki talks about the development workflow of "VR CUBE GAME" that realizes an online network game by the UC-win/Road SDK, how to utilize the UC-win/Road with its powerful modeling function as a map editor for game, a railroad action VR game "KUROGANE" for the PSVR, and a VR game body [VR x HT x GAME] that applies the Hand Tracking technology. He also introduces CRAVA's game development results and future vision.


Mr. Kurato Kazuki

Using his skills for 3D creation and design with high versatility, he has results for 3DCG and 3D contents as well as applications for PCs and smartphones, video games, and Web design.
CRAVA Inc. has been integrated their business with FORUM8 in April 2015 and started collaboration with VR technology of UC-win/Road.

The 5th Cloud Programming World Cup
The 7th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud

 The 5th CPWC / The 7th VDWC
Open Final Judgment

Award Ceremony

The 7th VDWC is a competition of advanced architecture and civil engineering design. The 5th CPWC is a programming skill competition of a cloud application. Students in the world create works for VDWC and CPWC every year. You can see many works with full of ideas and students presentations at the final judgement.
TV reporter
Mr. Yuji Abe
Born in Tokyo in 1958 and graduated as Political Science and Economics major from Waseda University. He has currently taken successive lead roles as a reporter in various Japanese TV programs such as "Variety show Sukkiri!!". He is known for his competence in English, his ability that helped him become a professional private teacher who helped his students pass an entrance exam to many prestigious schools and also helped him interview Hollywood stars visiting Japan without an interpreter.
Construction IT

Ryuta Ieiri
>>The 5th Cloud Programming World Cup >>The 7th Virtual Design World Cup

Special Lecture 13:15-14:05
Sports tell us! How can Japanese society convert itself from 'Jocks' to 'Sportsmen'?

"Health-Sports Day (Taiiku no Hi)" established as a memorial to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 will change to "Sports Day" in the extraordinary Diet in autumn. The era of "dedicated militaristic employees" that was leading the Japanese high economic growth period will finally terminate, and the era of "Sports Intelligence" that is perfect for the 21st century will start towards the second Tokyo Olympics held in 2020. Mr. Tamaki presents the way of thinking and acting of the "original thought of sports" which employees plan, determine, summarize, and accomplish by themselves instead of working under the orders from boss.

Sports Commentator
Mr. Masayuki Tamaki

Born in Kyoto in 1952 and acts as a sports writer for magazines and newspapers. Now in addition to the writer, he works as a commentator on TVs and a visiting professor at Kanagawa Univ. and Shizuoka Univ. of Art and Culture.

  The 10th International VR Symposium

VR usage proposals has been presented and discussed at the International VR symposium by World16 consisting of architecture, civil engineering, and urban plan researchers around the world. So far, it has been held in Phoenix, the US (2008), Hakone, Japan (2009), Santa Barbara, the US (2010), Pisa, Italy (2011), Hawaii (2014), and Thessaloniki, Greece (2015). This time, Yoshihiro Kobayashi from Arizona State Univ. hosts the symposium as the place of research and development presentation of summer workshop in Boston MIT in July 2017.  Introduction
Arizona State Univ.
Dr. Yoshihiro

Concept of adaptive audio and augmented reality service

Do you have free time during your travel? Don't you think that you can have a meaningful time with AR contents and the information suitable for only you?
With these concepts, a providing system for audio guidance and AR interactive contents that are appropriate to the user's location, purpose of travel, or mood is presented.

Tongji University
Mr. Kostas Terzidis
Robert Gordon University
Dr. Amar Bennadji

Development of IM&VR nD information open format and visualizing function

They are enhancing the functions in OpenMicroSim and UC-win/Road with the purpose of visualizing and utilizing all information of model. The goal of this project is to provide building thermal data, movement of machinery, and property data of models on the user-friendly interface according to the time axis.

Universita di Pisa
Prof. Paolo Fiamma
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Prof. Ruth Ron

R&D of the collaborative designed platform

They research and develop a system that multiple users operate the same 3D model at the same time via HMI and various applications such as Web browser, UC-win/Road 3D VR, and Hyve3D. They presents their review about wide-ranging possibilities including in the cooperated design and the game field through the server on cloud.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Mr. Matthew Swarts
Victoria University of Wellington
Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel

Development of framework for general image process simulation

Development of framework is undergoing toward providing various simulation environment using images. This presentation is about the study case of the Transformed Reality by filtering unnecessary information or actual additional information, and the segmentation process with the purpose of environmental assessment by freely customizing images.

Osaka University
Prof. Tomohiro Fukuda
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Prof. Marcos Novac

  Award Ceremony of The 3rd Junior Software Seminar

Excellent works created in "Junior Software Seminar" are awarded.

Networking Party 5:30pm-
Venue: Trattoria Italia (Shinagawa Intercity B annex 1F), Foyer
We will hold a networking party at "Trattoria Italia" near by the lecture venue. Users and lecturers can communicate and provide exchange of information while enjoying meals and drinks. We are looking forward to having you attend.

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 Day3 11/17 Fri.

-The 11th Design Conference IM&VR/i-Construction session-
 The 11th Design Conference
FORUM8 is working on the development of the newest VR contents and the research of further VR usage via cutting-edge technologies through the collaboration with the "World16" composed of worldwide researchers, the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association, the CRAVA Inc integrated to FORUM8, the MIT with its industry-university joint research, and the architecture competition website operator Arcbazar. Here these activities are presented in addition to the Special Lecture delivered by Prof. Koichi Maekawa, University of Tokyo.

Special Lecture 10:10-11:10
"Synchronize the performance test result of new structure and the checking data of existing structure"

The nonlinear response analysis for concrete structure is just beginning to be applied to the seismic performance test of new structure as well as the verification of mid-and-long term performance that environmental effect and load are considered. For the existing structure, it has become clear to follow the PDCA cycle of maintenance while complementing merits and demerits of both of check data and nonlinear analysis by mixing them. It is enough worth a try to review future application examples of high-order nonlinear analysis regardless of the new construction or existing structure.

Prof. of Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo.
Prof. of Faculty of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University
Chairman of JSCE Concrete Committee.
President of Concrete productivity improvement study committee

Professor, Concrete Lab., Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering,
University of Tokyo

Prof. Koichi Maekawa

Presentation 11:10-12:00
"The latest information of FEM series and future vision"
Engineer's Studio®, WCOMDStudio, FEMLEEG, GeoEngineer's Studio
Director in charge of development, FORUM8 / Brent Fleming
He introduces the relationship between FEM analysis and the new partial factor design method as well as new functions while comparing a new Specifications for Highway Bridges 2017 with the current one by using the Engineer's Studio. In addition, he also talks about the Geo Engineer's Studio® and a damage index "Averaging deviation strain second invariant, averaging normalized cumulative strain energy" newly added to the WCOMD Studio. He also tells you the latest information of FEMLEEG and the development policy of FORUM8's FEM products.

"FORUM8's correspondence to the new Specifications for Highway Bridges"
Manager, Analysis support Team, FORUM8 / Hiroto Matsuyama
The Specifications for Highway Bridges established in 1972 has been significantly revised including the introduction of the partial factor method. FORUM8 is releasing the products supporting this revision mainly UC-1 superstructure and substructure series. Explaining the revised point from the Specifications 2012 and study cases of comparison with the actual design, he introduces FORUM8's correspondence to the new Specifications.

Special Lecture 13:15-14:15
"CIM Update Information -VR/AR/IoT/Big Data-"

Focusing on the CIM (Construction Information Modeling) that the MLIT started the trial in 2012 and published the introduction guideline in March 2017, Prof. Yabuki presents the fresh information such as the development status of the 3 dimensional product model of social infra structure based on IFC that the buildingSMART International is developing.
He also talks about the ICT technologies towards the realization of the smart city/Society 5.0 by the augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D laser scanner, 3D product model, sensor data, and informatization construction.

He joined Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. after he graduated Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. He finished his Ph.D. in civil engineering, Stanford University. He experienced the assistant professor at Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Muroran Institute of Technology before he took his current position in 2008.

Professor, Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering,
Osaka University

Prof. Nobuyoshi Yabuki

Presentation 14:15-14:45
"IM&VR CIM Solution and i-Construction"
Katsumi Matsuda, Executive Officer and System Sales Manager of FORUM8
He introduces and demonstrates the utilization of the total solution and IM&VR CIM solutions provided by the FEM analysis series, UC-1 design series, and the VR solution UC-win/Road at each phase of planning, preliminary design, detailed design, integration, construction, and maintenance.
He also explains the IoT related solutions such as remote automatic control of UAV and construction machine, creation of point cloud from photograph by using the image process technology, how to use created CIM models as the CIM integrated model by VR, status of i-Construction support such as the data creation for 3D design, and the future vision of the IM&VR solutions.

Presentation 14:45-15:15
"Expression Technology Test (Architecture ICT)"   Executive board member
State of the Art Technologies
in Expression Association

Tatsuoki Inagaki
The Science and Technology Basic Plan has already marked its 5th period. Confronted with the unprecedented crisis including the great earthquake in Japan, the government is promoting the innovation known as "The 4th Industrial Revolution" according to the dramatic development of ICT. In order to contribute to such a direction, State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association has planned the test to improve the basic technology in consideration of CIM and architecture ICT. The association will support companies and engineers by holding training sessions etc.

Click to enlarge the image.

 Award Ceremony of
 The 4th National Resilience Design Award
"National Resilience Design Award" is the place to provide information and to improve skills by assembling concrete cases and results which is helping to strengthen the national land. Various brilliant works for strengthening of national land in the field of structural analysis (civil engineering and construction), ground and water engineering, and disaster prevention will be introduced.

>>Detail of The 4th National Resilience Design Award

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