Exibited System  IntercityHall Foyer

 Wed. 16 - Fri. 18 November Leading-edge VR linkage systems including driving simulators are displayed and demonstrated.

■Mini Driving Simulator
  Satisfy advanced simulation demands
This simulator can reproduce a variety of driving environment under fully controlled situation. It has been used for vehicle system development, ITS traffic system research, and interaction study among driver, vehicle, road, and traffic so far.

3DVR and high-precision tracking sensor provide very realistic driving simulation.

■Blue Tiger Flight Simulator

  Fusion of VR and game
A system that supports the flight simulation linked with UC-win/Road. It is equipped with 2 axis motion and controller.
■Brain Wave Driving Simulator

  with 4K organic EL curved monitor
For this driving simulation on UC-win/Road, Mindwave Mobile, the measuring device for brain wave is used.

Oculus Rift
  VR experience with HMD
SENSO driving simulator
  Steering controled autonomous
driving on UC-win/Road

■3D model and
  mapping x VR
3D Physical
Modeling Service
  3D VR Software
  3DVR on Cloud

Ultra Micro Data Center Engineer's Studio® 3D bar
arrangement CAD

  Seismic Simulator

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