Virtual Design World Cup  The 2nd Student BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud
  Nominated works ('12.11.02)

Virtual Design World Cup
"2nd Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud"
-Compete on cloud for the most advanced architectural and civil engineering design using BIM and VR!-

Theme 2012
"Sustainable Design of Marine City"


Judging Committee Prof. Yasushi Ikeda (Graduate School of Keio University / Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Representative of IKDS)
Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura(NPO Civil Machizukudi Station)
Prof. Hiromichi Yoshikawa(Tokyo City University)
Associate Prof. Kostas Terzidis (Harvard University, USA)
Associate Prof. Tomohiro Fukuda (Osaka University)
Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi(Executive and representative of design department of Nikken Sekkei)
Mr. Ryuta Ieiri (Representative of Ieiri LAB)
Sponsors Mr. Hiroo Kasagi, Representative of NPO Chiikizukuri Kobo
Prof. Ed Galea (Professor of university of Greenwich, England/ FSEG)
Design Builder
XP Solutions
Nemetchek Allplan
Registration Period  May 1 - September 30, 2012
Project Submission Period Monday, October 1, 2012 - Tuesday October 23 2012 24:00 Japan Time [must be submitted by Oct. 23 without fail]
Deadline times Worldwide:
Japanese Time: October 23 24.00
Europe (London): October 23 15.00
Americas (NY): October 23 10.00
Final Judging November 20, 2012
Award Ceremony November 21, 2012
Venue: Shinagawa Kokuyo Hall, Japan
Time: 13.00 - 18.30
 World Cup (Grand Prix) for 1 work
$3,600 * of scholarship, certificate, and World Cup Trophy, mementos
 Excellent Award for 2 works
$1,200 * of scholarship, certificate, trophy, mementos
 Special Judgment Award for about 5 works
Laptop computer, certificate, trophy, mementos
 Participation Prize (for all works)
(If the work is lacking any requirements or does not conform to the set standard, the participant that created the work will be exempt from receiving this prize)
Mementos, giveaways unique to FORUM8, certificate

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 Results Announcement ('12.11.21)

  Title: Noah's Ark -Tokyo 2050-
  Team Name: Shibaura Institute of Technology SWD LAB

By the sludge collected on the seabed, water has become muddy. Tokyo Bay serves as environment unsuitable to habitation of a marine living thing. A central lens makes sunlight reach the seabed. Phytoplankton begins photosynthesis and supplies oxygen.
A microbe is activated and sludge is decomposed. Marine living things flock in quest of the purified sea water.
Tokyo Bay serves as a place which overflows with living things again.
And "Noah's Ark" is formed because the units of various sizes gather. Each is able to be realized even when a unit is independent, and to drift the sea like a boat in an emergency.
(Team representative: Architectural Design Information Study, Shibaura Institute of Technology Takaaki Iwama)

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Judge: Mr. Hiromichi Yoshikawa(Tokyo City University)
  Title: City of Dreams
  Team Name: Shanghai University 1205

By spending about two months on conceiving and designing, we have finally carried out the works in your eyes, which is called City of Dreams. On the background of the sea island, we've completed the beautiful and fully functional sea city, with the panoramic area of about 30 square kilometers. In overall city planning, we have built the perfect business district with an elaborate layout, wonderful living quarters with acceptable high-rise buildings and large number of villas next to the sea, ecological zones with all kinds of trees, the wharfs for big ships and intensive containers. In our city, there are convenient traffic networks, with elevated highways around, the cross-sea bridge, the light rail stations and road intersections, as to ease the traffic pressure. Additionally, masses of trees and street lights beside the roads can also beautify the urban environment. Meanwhile, we have also created a large number of functional facilities, with central water disposal system we could supply clean water to island residents, with high-power wind power generation units we could satisfy the power demand of island residents. What's more, with the flood control dam around the city, to some extent we could not only resist the seawater spreading to the city, but also add green belts. Finally, by making automatic roaming script, the whole city will be shown with various ways, looking around the city panorama from the air or travelling in the city by vehicles or other means, any of them could make you immersive in our City of Dreams.
(Team representative: School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University LiLi)

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  Title: Fisland
  Team Name: Nihon University JT&SO

Fisland is an island full of nature in perfect harmony with technologies that foster and shape human recreation and dwelling respectively. We have designed the island's shape in line with the current of Arakawa river and the old Edogawa river so that the island's beaches and forests are left to grow. The island is expected to become one of the world's natural wonders in years to come.
(Team representative: Structure and Design Lab. Nihon University Hirokazu Kasai)

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Judge: Mr. Tomohiro Fukuda(Osaka University)
  Title: 's SITE
  Team Name: Hosei University spatial analysis lab.

Now asking sustainability on the sea ...
And sustainability, is that the global environment can sustain an environment that enables our survival. What environmental issues and energy conscious, that intensive-urban and low-carbon-city has been attracting attention in recent years in the structure of Japanese cities. Therefore, the reduction of the size that can work without resorting to large automobile CO2 emissions an artificial island, we have developed a transportation network. Then, in order to allow for the power supply of the artificial island, we have decided to use solar renewable energy, such as wind.
(Team representative: Spatial analysis Lab. Hosei University Graduate School Hisaki Ohshima)

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Judge: Mr.Tomohiko Yamanashi(Nikken Sekkei)
  Title: The floating town
  Team Name: Shibaura Institute of Technology ANT

The floating town which makes a cyclical form life style possible.
(Team representative: Architectural Design Information Study, Shibaura Institute of Technology Daisuke Itonaga)

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Judge: Mr. Kostas Terzidis (Harvard University)
  Title: The Poseidon
  Team Name: Nihon University SF-JNT2

The Great East Japan Earthquake has made Japan become more conscious about disaster prevention and hence the introduction of US&R (Urban Search and Rescue) - common task force seen everywhere in the United States tailored to fit Japan, to the nation. US&R reside on our island called Poseidon to look out for danger in a very systematic way. We have built Japan's first helicopter-only airport on the island from which US&R squads can take off to search and rescue anyone located anywhere in Japan quickly in any kind of disaster. Situated in the nation's capital, this is was an ideal place to build the airport as US&R can communicate with the government and municipalities concerned quickly and effectively to share correct information. Poseidon serves as the base of Japan's disaster prevention task force that the country can depend on when it needs them the most.
(Team representative: Structure and Design Lab. Nihon University Masahiro Kanno)

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Judge: Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura(NPO Civil Machizukudi Station)
  Title: JUGEMU
  Team Name: Nihon University TOKU-16th

Here's a blast from the past. Environmentally friendly "City building" method that was prominent and effective during the Edo period in Japan comes back to life, this time in a new and innovative way in this sustainable marine city.
(Team representative: Structure and Design Lab. Nihon University Yuuma Fukuda)

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  Title: The Eye of Tokyo
  Team Name: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University CVP BIMer

Tokyo Eye Island is an artificial island in Tokyo, Japan on which major commercial and residential infrastructures will be constructed. The design concept for the centerpiece of the Eye is inspired by the Eye of Providence. The island applies the sustainable technology like solar energy and wind power. This design is to promote a green style of life. The island can release the pressure of population in Tokyo and provide more living spaces for citizens.
(Team representative: Construction and Virtual Prototyping Laboratory, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Emily)

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  Title: olympic island
  Team Name: Takushoku University nagami yoyo

In Tokyo, if there is olympic event being held, the ground for the olympic village is none or limited. Thus I want to propose that the limited land to be compensated to the man-made island.We can build new main stadium, olympic village and hotels on the island. Furthermore, for example in Tokyo bay aqualine Hotaru SA, there is a problem to park the cars during holidays. The reason is there are many people who are eager to see the beautiful scenery of the ocean. Thus if we migrate all of this to the man-made island, there will be no problem to park the cars, and people also can see the beautiful scenery of ocean without any problem.
(Team representative: Nagami Lab. Takushoku University Huang Te Tao)

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  General Comments
General comments by Prof. Yasushi Ikeda, Chief of executive committee of VDWC
The 2nd Virtual Design World Cup attracted more attention from people worldwide than it did last year. We have established the theme "Artificial island" to get students to challenge the big task of creating this large scale island, a task feasible by the use of VR and BIM technology. Despite the level of difficulty, many works in which motivation can be felt were submitted and I would like to give my appreciation from the bottom of my heart. Reviewing all the works, I realized that the difficult part is not just the fact that the scale of the task is so big but also the fact that the humanistic objective of creating a man-made island is inconsistent with the term sustainability - a word within the phrase that describe the theme ? in that it we tend to think about living with what earth gave us rather than creating something man-made when we refer to the term. This inconsistency forced students to answer the question of why they should create such an island on top of the question of how to create the island itself. Works that demonstrated the means of preventing and protecting the island from natural disasters and the ability to sanitize Tokyo bay using trees or other natural elements, both of which are ways of answering the how and why question, passed the first round. The work that came into first place answered the how and why question by incorporating BIM design and autonomous sea water purification facility and had high visual quality as the island symbolizes an ideal sustainable man-made island itself, and hence the work was well received by all the judges. It may be safe to say that the work owes its success to the unique idea of changing the meaning of the project's title from 'Ship' to 'Island'. Had the work included some kind of transportation system to and from the island, it would have been even better. Through this design competition we were able to see the possibility of exchanging our ideas freely in a global scale grow and we expect to see many great ideas in a form of VR and BIM in years to come.

  Information about the event next year

Virtual Design World Cup
The 3rd Student BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud

Registration Period : Wednesday, May 1-Monday, September 30, 2013
Project Submission Period: Tuesday, October 1-Monday October 21, 2013
Award Ceremony : Thursday, November 21, 2013

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