Civil Engineer's Forum-FORUM8 News Release
June 23, 2017
FORUM8 Co., Ltd.
FORUM8 Holds 30th Anniversary Special Lecture & Celebration at Imperial Hotel
Introduction of Memorial Businesses: TV program, Company History, New Publications

FORUM8 (2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President Yuji Ito. URL: has celebrated its 30th anniversary on May 23, 2017, and held a special lecture and celebration at Imperial Hotel on June 13.

At the celebration party, Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita (Vice Chancellor of Tokai University, Vice President of All Japan Judo Federation, Development Director of International Judo Federation) who won a gold medal in Judo was invited to lecture "Challenge for Dream".
As related businesses, FORUM8 also introduced the company history and the TV program "Come together! VR friends with Pakkun & Mayuko Kawakita" that it sponsored, presented a new book "Virtual Reality Impact" (Written by President Yuji Ito / Sold by Diamond Inc.), and held a drawing for Thanks Gifts at the celebration party.

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PDF Company History for 30 Anniversary of FORUM8 Foundation

FORUM8 started its history from design CAD software "UC-1 series", and has promoted own development of FEM and VR software recent years. With a basis of this software development technology, FORUM8 is expanding business such as providing technology service and developing advanced information system and simulation system as well as providing package software.
The book "Virtual Reality Impact" describes the history of software development and introduction case studies of leading-edge VR.
Past special topics in Up&Coming, that its 117th issue has been published, and FORUM8's history are written in "30th anniversary memorial company history" handed out at the celebration party.

[Related Memorial Businesses]
New Publication
"Virtual Reality Impact"
Author: Yuji Ito (CEO of FORUM8)
Date of issue: May 25, 2017
Price: 1,500 yen + tax
Publisher: Diamond Business Planning (Seller: Diamond Inc.)
■TV program sponsored by FORUM8
"Come together! VR friends with pakkun & Mayuko Kawakita"
Broadcasted by: TOKYO MX1
Main casts: Patrick Harlan, Mayuko Kawakita
12 times from January 6. Rebroadcasted from April 7.
(Every Friday 8:00-8:30PM) (Japanese)
■Thanks Gifts for 30 Year Anniversary of Establishment
The lottery was held at the memorial celebration party on June 13.
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▼Memorial special lecture and celebration party for 30 year anniversary of FORUM8 foundation (Japanese)