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When installing this product, the main help file (EngineersStudioJ.chm) is bundled with the operation and the screen explanation, but the document by the pdf file is bundled in addition to it. Default saved under "C:\Program Files (x86)\FORUM 8\Engineers Studio 6.0.2\Doc".

Outline of flat plate (ES Mindlin Plate_JPN.pdf)
An overview of square elements and triangle elements.

Outline of flat section force(PlateSectionalForces_JPN.pdf)
Explained in detail about the "flat section force" to obtain the section force of a flat element.

Outline of flat plate coordinate system(PlateCoordinateSystems_JPN.pdf)
Explained in detail about mesh elements and primitive coordinate system.

Contour map of flat plate element(ContourPlots_JPN.pdf)
Explained in detail about the contour plot of the flat plate element.

Contour cut view of flat plate element(ContourSections_JPN.pdf)
Explained in detail about Contour cut view of flat plate.

Guidelines of flat plate element usage (PlateElementUsageGuidelines_JPN)
Points to keep in mind when modeling with flat element

Damping element(ViscousDampingElement_JPN.pdf)
A mathematical theoretical outline on attenuation elements.

Multi point loading(MultiPointLoading.pdf)
Outline of multi point loading.

Newmark quations(NewmarkEquations.pdf)
Outline of Newmark quations.

Explanation nonlinear initial state(NonlinearISS_JPN.pdf)
An example of "initial section force + cable element + ground resistance nonlinear spring element" in the case of using the result of linear analysis as the initial state is explained.

Explanation of detailed input for section inspection(SectionCodeConfigurations.pdf)
Details of allowable stress intensity method shear and ultimate strength method shear.

(Up&Coming 2017 New year issue)