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Effect of User Account Control (UAC)
 Effect of User Account Control

Windows Vista or later version OS has a function called User Account Control (UAC). The purpose of this function is strengthening security so that the OS is not changed or programs are not executed without users' intention.

The UAC is beneficial for using PC safely, but sometimes it interrupts smooth operation of FORUM8 products.

The support desk receives the following enquiries.

  • Installation by setup file does not progress no further.
  • When I try to save an update difference file, the message "Access is denied." is displayed.
  • I cannot save files in the product install folder.
  • The inquiry support tool does not respond in the Environmental Scanning screen.

These problems are considered to be happen due to the UAC.

 Change settings of User Account Control

The phenomenon above probably can be avoided by disabling the setting of user account control.

Settings can be changed as below.
*This operation is based on Windows10. Some items in the screen may differ according to the updating status of Windows10 or OS that you are using.
*This operation should be done on the account of Administrator.

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control Settings.

    Click to enlarge the image.
    Fig. 1 User Account
  2. Lower the slider on the left to the bottom ("Never notify") to turn off the User Account Control.

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    Fig.2 User Account Control settings

Windows does not recommend the invalidation of the User Account Control because it makes the PC vulnerable. You should enable the setting when you have been able to avoid the issue with this operation.

You can use another way of temporarily getting the authority of an administrator without making effects on the whole OS by the UAC. The figure 3 is an example of the product setup. Right click on the setup.exe file, select "Run as administrator" to start the setup.

Some of FORUM8 products shows a message that requires users to "Run as administrator" when they update the system registry. Right click on the shortcut icon of the product, and launch it from the "Run as administrator" in the menu.

Fig.3 Run as administrator

(Up&Coming '17 Fall issue)