New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Intersection Editting UC-win/Road Ver.3.4

Lack of editting function in existing UC-win/Road caused depeding on other company CAD sotfware or image editing software to editting intersection texture. Therefore it must be unfriendly for users in the operation and enconomic.
The intersection editing tool under development provides simple editting of road surface texture in intersection as a dedicated drawing tool for UC-win/Road.It allows a road surface marking and a background image to be read, editted, and saved separately. And it also allow saving time to edit texute by reusing (libraryzation) of road surface marking.
1. Layering of Structure
Structure is layered to edit an intersection. (Separated into road surface marking, background image, base line, road) This enables road surface marking only to be created, edit, saved and read. During editing, it allows precise drawing to be created easily, based on alignment of base line layer such as a driving route, road cross section, road centerline. Not only intersection but surrounding road can be previewed by using road layer during editing.
2. Blend of Road Surface Textures
As for the background layer , color blending function provides displaying the color of surround road surface and road textures more naturally.
3.Marking Auto Creation
Shoulder, stop line and broken line can be created by the auto creation function, considering intersection shape and road cross section.
4. Library and Group of Marking
Marking in default size is created by selecting marking from list and click edit area. The created marking can be altered in size with edit.Each marking can be also grouped to liberalize by group.
5. Special Graphic Support Creation
Minimum operation provides simple marking creating which are used frequently in intersection. This development objected for crosswalk, stops line, right turn stop line, zebra zone particularly.
6. Standard Library by Country
As for the marking used frequently, drawing standards are liberalized by country. The size and color of marking set and saved in advance are applied when a drawing is created. The size and color of marking set and saved in advance are applied when a drawing is created.

Screen Structure
1. Main Screen
Main screen is open from intersection editing screen. Main screen is consisting of buttons for operation, property display, edit panel and edit area for operation.
2. Selection of Display Layer
Layers to be displayed can be selected freely.

3. Editing Screen
It is road surface editing screen which can be draw and edited same as CAD operation. Several drawing functions, such as Bezier curve, rectangle, and circular arc are included in this tool. Edit function have graphic rotation, color edit, area edit, snapping with base line. Simple operation provides road surface creation along intersection. The shape of road surface marking can be matched accurately with road-way, sidewalk, slope, driving route by using Bezier curve and road outline which consist of intersection in UC-win/Road.

Graphic type Bezier curve Polyline, Polygon, Bezier line
General graphic frequently used graphics, such as four-square, rectangle, circle, ellipse
Special marking crosswalk, stop line, no right turn stop line zebra zone
Character strings input and edit of a character

4. Marking Library
Graphics in a marking library are saved in particular folder. one file is created by each item and users can share it easily.Preview screen provides a simple operation when a file is selected.marking selected on screen can be added to library from the right-click menu.
5. Library Standard by Country
It allows road marking standard library to be selected, added and edited. As shown the figure, it provides crosswalk, zebra zone, stop line, which interval, width and color can be edited. The result of edit can be reflected to current data.
6. Preview
Texture and surrounding road can be confirmed at the same time during creation. Adjustment of marking position on intersection and background image color can be blended, based on traffic lane and color around intersection.

7. Application
The created result by clicking "Apply" button is reflected as intersection texture. Reflected result is enabled to be reedited with this screen open
8. Data Save
Intersection texture is saved, with vector data (marking graphic) separated with background image. This enables intersection to be reedited and vector data and road surface background texture bitmap to be shared.

*UC-win/Road Ver.3.4 Release date May, 2008

(Up&Coming 2008 early spring issue)