New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Customized System, Railway Simulator
3D Real-time VR Software

This time, we have picked up the Railway Simulator as a customized example of the UC-win/Road. Through UC-win/Road, you can set railway alignments easily as well as road settings. And when you create an electric train, you can also set overhead wires in which is important at once. Moreover when you want to express railroad crossings, signals, and points to be switched, you can use a movable setting of 3D models. Followings are application cases.

Case1: Operation Control Simulation
You may check operational images of train, acquiring information about train location from external sources or XML files or through network communication.
  • Controlling multiple trains in VR space
  • Several angles from driver's seat, railway carriage, station and a bird's eye view
  • Examination for new transportation system or for track guided / railway operations
Case2: Railway Operation Simulator
Features as following in case you use the simulator as railway operation.
  • Express realistic scenes from driver's angle through up to four screens
  • Output operating log for driving technique diagnosis
  • Virtual training combining with a large railway simulator (right)
Case3: Visibility Check Tool for signs
Available for:
  • Checking visibility before sign setting
  • Verifying track construction safety

large railway simulator (conceptual drawing)

We've introduced various uses of UC-win/Road Customized, Railway Simulator.
We hope you expect our future extension of the UC-win/Road, which is advancing beyond VR expressions.

Railway functions which is scheduled on VR-Studio
  • Definition of section same as road, preparation for railway sections
  • Two-way running on single track
  • Definition of crossing of railway and road
  • Considering of interaction between railway and vehicles

Main function lists available on the VR-Studio
  1. Track Definition
  2. Track Definition
  3. Track Constructs
  4. Track Rendering
  5. 3D Models
  6. Railway Vehicles (Axle Locations)
  7. Railway Vehicles (Minimum and Maximum Weights)
  8. Railway Vehicles (Performance Parameters)
  9. Train Definition
  10. Train Definition (Performance Parameters)
  11. Train Movement
  12. Train Movement (Spacing)
  13. Train Movement (Direction)
  14. Train Movement (Routes)
  15. Train Movement (Timetable)
  16. At-Grade Crossings (Barriers and Lights)
  17. At-Grade Crossings (Barriers and Lights Activation)
  18. At-Grade Crossings (Priority)
  19. At-Grade Crossings (Road Vehicles Required To Stop)
  20. Tunnels
  21. Bridges

Railway Simulator (train running simulator)

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