New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Ver.3.4.7 3D Real-time VR Software

Function Summary
We have released a new function to express fire and smoke easily.
It can be used as one of the standard functions of UC-win/Road 3.4.
With this function, you can present various phenomena including fire, bonfires, steam from hot springs and smoke from chimneys.
As the next step, we will develop extended options to achieve links with fire evacuation simulation applications.

wildfire (fire and smoke) steam from a hot spring

Tontoyaki; bonfire (flames and sparks)

smoke from chimneys

Imaging Proces s:About the Particle System
The newly released function presents fire and smoke by using a particle system.
The basic information for a particle are attributes related to its 3 dimensional coordinates and presentation method.
A particle system uses a large number of particles and is used to express various phenomena including fires, explosions, water, fallen leaves, clouds, rain, snow, stars and grass.
To implement particle systems, the system needs the two processes of simulation and imaging.
The positions of and parameters essential for the imaging of each particle are calculated in the simulation stage and the results of the simulation are displayed in 3D in the simulation stage.

Particle System

In the UC-win/Road simulation process, the lifecycle of the particles flows from generation through movement to disappearance.
Particles are generated at random within the range of the initial position of the fire and smoke.
The lifespan and and the initial velocity are given as parameters.
It moves along a trajectory whilst being affected by the wind and disappears.
The simulation cycle is finished when the vanished particle is regenarated at the point of release.

Expression of Fire

As shown below, in the Fire and Smoke Editor, detailed settings are available for the shape and particles.

Imaging settings:
  • Image to show
  • Color adjustment
  • Display size

Simulation / movement settings:
  • Number of particles
  • Fire or smoke
  • Initial position of the fire and smoke
  • Initial velocity
  • Life time

UC-win/RoadDB (fire and smoke)
UC-win/RoadDB is a database to allow UC-win/Road to be used more conveniently, from which users can download
3D models and textures to use in UC-win/Road. Regarding the expression of fire and smoke which is enabled
with Version 3.4.7, Forum8 has released 5 textures for fire and 3 textures for smoke. We will
release other textures for fire and smoke. Forum8 are waiting for models and textures from customers
to enhance the database.

■UC-win/Road Ver.3.4.7 Release date: June 24, 2009
(Up & Coming 2009 midsummer issue)