New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Communication plug-in network-based driving solution
3 Dimensional Realtime VR Software

UC-win/Road is a 3 Dimensional Realtime VR Software Package, which support the consensus building in road and public construction projects. We have released various plug-ins, however we have not have the one to share UC-win/Road data nor support joint working.
As a new plug-in, we have developed web-based communication system, which enables to share space in 3D model and its environment, synchronize and operate changing views and driving

Screen of sender Screen of receiver

Communication Plug-in
This Plug-in allows communication with multi users by use of UC-win/Road. Users can send chatting comment and surrounding information in UC-win/Road such as view position, direction and time through the internet. These enables you to support joint designing and consensus building. In addition, it allows network-based driving simulation.

Screen of driver A

Screen of driver B

Sending and receiving control information
By using the same data, you can show your views of UC-win/Road to multiple users. are displayed. Also, by placing the server connecting to the Internet environment, you can exchange information through the Internet.

  1. Synchronization of camera positioning
    Bending the information of camera positioning, direction and angle, you can show your screen of surroundings to multiple users.
  2. Synchronization of time
    Synchronization time allows sharing information of time-early morning, day time, or midnight.
  3. Changing sending interval
    By changing sending interval according to users environment, users can use synchronization functions smoothly.

Chatting function
You can chat with multiple users. By using with functions of sending/receiving control information of UC-win/Road, you can have a brief meeting or conference using UC-win/Road data.

Network-based driving simulation
We have a plan of adding function that allows multiple user drive in the same UC-win/Road space. For example, you will be able to enjoy racing game through Web/LAN on the circuit course made by UC-win/Road. In addition, we expect the case of research field of driving simulation considering the interaction.
for to

Screen of driver A: red car

Screen of driver B: blue car

  • Synchronization of information on driving
    By sending information of the driving vehicle each other, users can display all the vehicles of the communicating partners.

    Synchronization of starting the scenario
    By synchronizing the start of the scenario, all users can start simultaneously and enables to enjoy like a racing game.

  1. Joint modeling work

    User A
    Explains the work by looking drawings and documents
    User B

    - You can show your partner the same view that you are looking at.
    - It becomes easier with displayed model to explain to the person who are not familiar with the data.
    Data for explaining

  2. Explanation and discussion of the issue

    User A
    Looking at the issuing point, discusses the point
    User B

    - Chatting helps better understanding and can prevent mistakes such as misunderstanding of the issuing point.
    - Synchronization of time as well as synchronization of view allows deepened explanation of the situation

  3. Explanation of the delivered UC-win/Road data

    User A
    Explains the point with looking at the invoice
    User B

    - Realtime communication allows easier explanation of the setting
    - By telling the current situation at once, quick explanation and solution of the obscured point can be done.
      Explaining document

Future plan
We are planning to add functions of sound and video chatting, functions of simultaneous execution and change and team editing, and implementation of function of sen/receive file. As for the functions of driving simulation, we are planning the synchronization of other vehicles in traffic

UC-win/Road Communication Plug-in drivingsimulation network release date:End of September, 2009

(Up&Coming 2009 Fall Issue)