New Product Introduction

The latest information on UC-win/Road DB (compatible with ver.4)

UC-win/Road DB is a database of downloadable 3D models, textures and section data, which can be accessed over the internet using a copy of UC-win/Road. Items on UC-win/Road DB are compatible with UC-win/Road Ver.4. FORUM8 will continue to expand the database.

  • "Traffic Sign Textures" - 97 Chinese road signs, which comply with the new China road sign guidelines, have been added.

    China road signs complying with the new guidelines

Sample data
  • 2 sample data for 3D stereoscopic theaters were added.With polarized 3D glasses, the UC-win/Road environment can be experienced in realistic 3D display.

    Go cart racing 3D Roller coaster

3D models
  • 3D Models (Misc.): illuminations and Christmas trees were added
  • 3D Models (Railroad and Road Institution): streetlights have been enabled with bloom feature for realistic expression of light
  • 3D Models (Road Vehicles): Headlights of 27 existing road vehicles were modified to incorporate bloom features.
  • 3D Models (Railway and Road Facility): 95 signals and security alarms were modified to incorporate bloom features.

    Christmas trees streetlights illumination

    road vehicle model with light bloom feature traffic signal model with bloom feature

(Up&Coming 2010 Early spring issue)