New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road for SaaS

  • UC-win/Road for SaaS enables utilization of virtual reality in a SaaS environment. We developed a server function for SaaS (Software as a Service) as a UC-win/Road option. UC-win/Road is run on the host computer and the UC-win/Road data is published on the web. Clients can manipulate the VR space on the browser using Adobe Flash Player.
    VR environment is created and the simulation is calculated inside UC-win/Road on the server and transmitted to the client systems. The server receives the client's command in HTTP protocol. We believe it can be used as a communication tool as well as a data publication medium or other advanced applications based on this algorithm.

  • Video transmission function enables linkage with multimedia applications and video streaming server ? video creation, live web stream and webinars are now possible.

  • Using the video transmission function, UC-win/Road can be linked to virtual camera devices.

  • All UC-win/Road functions are fully operational on the server, and the VR environment can be shared over the server via video transmission. Here, only the host PC has UC-win/Road running, and the client users manipulate the VR environment on their browsers; thus, UC-win/Road and its VR data can be utilized in meetings.

How many clients can access the VR data?
  • The server works on one-to-one basis ? one server receives operation from one client. Multiple clients can view the same VR environment, but only one client can operate inside the VR environment at one time. However, cluster configuration can be used to allow multiple users to operate on one server at the same time. We are planning in future to upgrade the system to allow multiple clients to operate in one server environment.
Functions on the client systems
  • Clients can view the VR space. We are planning to enable editing and saving in the future.

User interface
On the server:
The flowing settings are available:
  • Resolution settings of the video for transmission
  • Image quality settings (H263 compression) and frame rate
  • The settings of the IP address and the port numbers of the server
  • The number of clients who can access at one time
  • Password settings

Video transmission and virtual camera functions are also available. An internal network is utilized, so the network settings can be adjusted in detail. In this function, videos are sent to the Direct Show filter, thus, other application programs can acquire the UC-win/Road videos in real time via the Direct Show filter. The virtual camera also displays UC-win/Road videos using the same DirectShow filter. Since this uses a network system, videos can be sent to other PCs (streaming server etc.).
UC-win/Road for SaaS
server settings window

On the client PC
Operation buttons are displayed at the top of the screen on the browser and the following operations are available:
  • View position selection
  • Travel on road and flight path controls
  • Script operation
  • Selection of environment contexts
  • Enlarge screen (full screen display available)

  • Transparent buttons at the bottom of the screen are used to control view angle and view position ? users can look up and down, zoom, and move left, right, up and down.
UC-win/Road for SaaS client screen

Server configuration service
  • This product can be installed onto the current server easily. In addition, FORUM 8 provides server building configuration and server rental service as shown below:

System Specifications/Configurations
1) UC-win/Road for SaaS (1 server) 1) Standard configuration: UC-win/Road Ver.5 Standard + for SaaS
Ultimate configuration: UC-win/Road Ver.5 Ultimate
2) UC-win/Road data (original data) optimization 2) Data optimization and adjustment is not usually required
3) Server and data launch 3) Schedules, subjects etc. must be assigned when uploading multiple data
4) Server rental 4) Available server types
  1. Using FORUM8 server
  2. Using data center server
Various network types available: between 100MB and 1GB; from dedicated line to best effort delivery
System settings Comments
1) IIS settings, server-folder configuration Standard system settings and initial installation services are included. Operation and management fees are not covered.
2) UC-win/Road for SaaS settings, data duplication, operation checks
3) Road for SaaS webpage creation Creating the webpage, the menu bar and the links

* Configuration of 1 data per 1 server (1 PC) with maximum of 99 client users (CAL=99 client).
* System configuration is based on the hardware or software FORUM 8 recommends.

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 planned release date:August, 201 planned release date
UC-win/Road for SaaS planned release date:August, 2010
(Up&Coming 2010 Mid summer issue)