New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 Safety Driving Simulator / Safety Driving educational material

This simulator is a driving simulator for driving schools, which is compatible to the model certification standard of driving simulator by Japan Traffic Management Technology Association.
Users can experience a real-car-like simulation by the simulator which can reproduce hazardous events at the time of driving, wide view point realized by the 42 inch 3CH monitor and the mounted steering system
of real car parts.
After the drive experience, various kinds of diagnosis is available accrding to the driving materials. Diagnosis is carried out using the data collected during the above driving lessons. Data from all the participants can be collected for calculation of aggregates and statistics. We are now actively trying to clear the model certification standard.

Safety Driving Educational Material
  • 6 kinds educational materials compatible to the model certification standard and 2 optional education materials.

Standard scenario compatible to model certification standard

  1. Lesson on Hazard Perception
    Hazardous events on the road are simulated on the driving simulator and users can experience the events. Users can experience 13 hazardous events including collision with a pedestrian, turning against traffic and pedestrian rushing out from between parked cars while driving on the 5.5 km road.

    Collision with a pedestrian Turning against traffic Pedestrian rushing out from between parked cars

  2. Lesson on night-time driving
    To acquire the knowledge and the skills for night-time driving, users can experience driving on a 5.5 km city road with 9 hazards

    Overtaking a bicycle Lane restriction due to construction

  3. Lesson on sudden braking
    Users can experience 1.5km mountain road and braking distance on dry surface, wet surface and frozen surface based on certification standard.
    Driving speed on wet surface
    and the braking distance

    100km -> 0km (kph) 57.2m
    80km -> 0km (kph) 37.1m
    60km -> 0km (kph) 20.9m
    40km -> 0km (kph) 9.5m
    20km -> 0km (kph) 2.3m
    Collision with a preceding vehicle

  4. Lesson on driving on the highway
    Users can acquire the knowledge and the skills about driving on highways by experiencing driving on a 20 km highway with more than 8 hazards including collision with the tollgate and merging Traffic

    Collision with the tollgate Merging Traffic

  5. Lesson on location-specific conditions
    Users can drive along 8 km mountain road to learn about location-specific conditions including different climate and geographical features including speeding at a corner and collision with the car ahead.

    Speeding at a corner Collision with the car ahead

  6. Lesson on driving in bad condition
    Users can experience the driving knowledge and skill by driving 5.2 km length road featuring 5 sections with bad driving conditions such as fog, rain and snow.

    Blizzard condition Dense fog

Optional Scenarios

  1. Lesson on identifying violations
    Examines the responses to cyclists rushing out, pedestrians and stopping vehicles at an intersection

  2. Lesson on night-time visibility
    Users can experience the breaking distance depending on the speed and the color of the obstacles at the night-time driving with using headlights.

Diagnosis Data collection program function
  • Results are produced from the data collected during the driving lessons including driving operations and driving log. Driving log collects data in terms of acceleration and breaking, smooth steering, driving at limited speed, traffic signal, observing once atop, hazard prediction, safety and ecological driving , headway (hazard prediction), clearance sense, considerate driving, winker operation and seat belt.
    Diagnosis result can be tabulated with graph and advice to the experience driver.
    Driving diagnosis

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 Safety Driving Simulator Safety Driving educational material planned release date: August 2010
(Up&Coming 2010 Mid summer issue)