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VR-Studio(R) Ver.1.03 Sample models  Ver.up
Large Scale Multi VR

Start of the service: December 2010 Simulation Simulation
VR-Studio(R) is the advanced VR system which supports for the large scale project including a wide range of terrain.
Before release of Ver.1.03, some parts of sample models were introduced in the 3D VR Contest held in November 19, 2010. These samples were included in the product version of Ver.1.03.

Moving with fly-thorough of Mt. Fuji from Tokyo The Nakameguro GT Tower surrounding model is arranged for Tokyo.
The high accuracy model can be simulated in space.

Fly-through from Mt. Fuji towards Nagoya Plan View input window of Nakameguro surrounding model (Tokyo)

Moving to the center of Nagoya with fly-through without stress 3DVR screen of the Nakameguro surrounding model (Tokyo)

Mt. Fuji is correctly arranged in the terrain data Generation of traffic stream. Traffic simulation
can be simulated same as UC-win/Road

VR-Studio(R) representing the large scale space.
The space between Tokyo and Nagoya is modelled.
Osaka is added to the data between Tokyo and Nagoya.
Terrain data can be freely set.
(Up&Coming 2011 New Year Issue)