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UC-win/Road SDK Ver.5.1 Ver.up
Application and option development kit for UC-win/Road

Price: ¥300,000 (+tax ) To be released March 2011 Simulation

We are pleased to introduce new features of UC-win/Road SDK for UC-win/Road Ver.5 and new features of forthcoming UC-win/Road SDK for UC-win/Road Ver.5.1.

Customization of scenario (Ver.5.0)
Users can now customize scenarios with Ver.5.0. You can set the environment for the simulation with UC-win/Road scenario. Set the action under certain circumstances through the combination of conditions and events. You can activate the event according to the conditions, such as driving situations, other vehicles situations, keyboard operations and driving operations. You can also replay, generation of other vehicles, generation of pedestrians, changed environment (weather, traffic, time, etc.), signal controls and media (text, sound, video, images).
Customization of events in scenarios can now be carried out through the use of the SDK. You can add custom settings on event setting window and save the settings by using API and execute the customized event by callback.
You can also acquire information on vehicles and other moving object models by callback in real-time, which are generated by UC-win/Road callbacks. By using this mechanism, you can enhance scenario functions and control external applications or devices, depending on the driving situation inside UC-win/Road.

Acquiring road shape information (Ver.5.0)
UC-win/Road calculates the final road alignment from user-defined horizontal alignment, vertical line and cross section of the road. With previous versions, users can edit information of defined road alignment and cross-section by acquiring them by SDK, however acquiring finalized information of the shape was not possible.
With the latest released version, you can acquire this kind of information. You can acquire quad information and the position, normal vector and texture information, which constitutes road.

This function is very convenient for exporting road shape generated by UC-win/Road to external tools, including 3D models or analysis program. For example, UC-win/Road Noise Simulation plug-in uses geometric information acquired by this function.

Figure1 Quad information of road

Controlling vehicles in traffic flow (Ver.5.0)
You can control vehicles in traffic flow generated by UC-win/Road. UC-win/Road, calculates vehicle behavior for each vehicle from the physical information such as mass and engine torque and the simulation of pedal and steering operation. In other words, traffic vehicles are provided with the logic of automatic driving by using physical models. UC-win/Road the SDK allows you to overwrite the MV of pedal and steering calculated by this driving logic. This feature enables making acute braking or lane change by the preceding car while driving simulation. Programming custom traffic situation has become possible in combination with customization function of the scenario, and comprehensive control of traffic simulation can now be enabled.

Object instance (Ver.5.1)
Incumbent UC-win/Road SDK has function of placing models, trees, marks, and the element which UC-win/Road supports with the basic function. In addition, Ver.5.1 allows creating custom object.

Unlike basic elements supported by UC-win/Road, users need to do the coding of drawing function and selection process, however the flexibility improves in return.
Here, information about the location (a position, an angle) is succeeded from class of UC-win/Road as well as placed 3D model, while other processes can fully be customized.
We have developed callback properties of drawing and selection, with which we developed some functions of Noise Simulation plug-in option of UC-win/Road.

As shown in Figure 2, sound receiving points, where sound pressure was calculated in the simulation noise is displayed not as usual 3D models, but as custom objects instead. Selection process was easily implemented by using the SDK.

Figure2 Display and selection of sound receiving points

Link of DS plug-in and external tools (Ver.5.1)
Users can use UC-win/Road SDK for UC-win/Road Driving Simulator. This feature is intended for i-Drive simulators. Especially, regarding importing information from the Driving Simulator, we have enhanced following points.

  • Steering operation
  • Pedal operation
  • Condition of wearing seat belt
  • Operation of right lever
  • Side brake
  • Condition of ignition key

In addition, you can also control the angle of wheels when using active steering wheel. You can specify the angle from outside, you can move the wheels without touching the wheel.

This function is supported by SDK and UDP/IP, therefore it can be linked to external application software or external devices. These features will be very helpful for automobile development and research of automatic driving.
(Up&Coming 2011 Early Spring Issue)