Greeting from CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

New software, case examples of system, and researches are introduced every year at FORUM8 Design Festival 3Days+Eve. How can the automobile industry that is the core of manufacturing industry in Japan develop in the striving international competition towards the realization of autonomous driving? FORUM8 will hold The 4th Autonomous Driving Conference that consists of lectures by specialists from the autonomous-driving-related departments of 4 ministries. The experts solve many questions from visitors every time. In The 18th 3DVR Simulation Contest, the participants show their VR usage ways in various fields such as studies on automobile, driving and traffic simulation, and city planning. This year we are planning to announce the new features of UC-win/Road Ver.14 and a new product VR-NEXT. On the Day2, student teams nominated from all over the world will gather for the final judgment and award ceremony of The 7th Cloud Programming World Cup CPWC, The 9th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud VDWC. The Hagura Award held by the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association, and The 12th International VR Symposium are also worth seeing. On the Day3, we will invite Mr. Scot Osterweil from the Game Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a special lecture. Expectations are rising for education games in a variety of fields created by the game designer being active in the industrial world and education fields. The 6th National Resilience Design Award is the place where various technical works contributing to the national resilience and disaster mitigation are presented. At the network party on the Day1, FORUM8 will introduce 5 books newly published by FORUM8 Publishing. In addition, at the exhibition corner, guests can experience the latest FORUM8 solutions including Shade3D Ver.20, VR-NEXT, and the 360 degree simulator revealed at CES Shanghai. It is my pleasure to host the Design Festival as an opportunity for showing FORUM8's VR, CG, 3DCAD, and FEM. We are really looking forward to seeing you and thinking together about how we can use FORUM8's software and systems to improve user's and engineer's productivity and make your works more efficient.

CEO and President of FORUM8,
Yuji Ito


The 4th Autonomous Driving Conference

METI, MIC, MLIT, and NPA deliver 5 lectures!

UC-win/Road is used for a variety of automobile related fields such as road design, vehicle system development, ITS, ADAS and autonomous driving. This conference covers the newest features of the 3DVR software supporting these advanced R&D and examples of system development. At the "4th Autonomous Driving Conference", specialists from the governments will deliver lectures about trends, current issues, and prospects in the country and abroad.

Opening speech


Opening speech of The 13th FORUM8 Design Festival  CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

  • Special Lecture


    • Director of Autonomous Driving and ITS Promotion Office, Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau,
    • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    Mr. Kenji Ueki

    "The METI's involvement to realize autonomous driving"

    The METI established the "Autonomous Driving Business Study Commission" together with the MLIT and is promoting activities required for the realization of autonomous driving through the collaboration between industries, educational institutions and the administrations in order that the Japanese automobile industry increases the competitive power in the autonomous driving field and contributes to the resolution of social issues such as reduce of traffic accident. Based on the debates in the study commission, Mr. Ueki introduces METI's current activities such as "the policy toward the realization of autonomous driving" made up in June and demonstration project according to it.

    Born in May 1974. After he finished his master at Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 1999, he joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (FKA the Ministry of International Trade and Industry). He took his current position in July 2019.

  • Special Lecture


    • Director of Mobile Satellite Communications Division, Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau,
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    Mr. Naohiko Ogihara

    "Trends and MIC's involvement towards the achievement of autonomous driving"

    As the entire world is aiming at the achievement of autonomous driving, the communication is having more and more important role. In this lecture, Mr. Nakazato explains the trend of autonomous driving and introduces R&D, technology test, and new wireless system including 5G expected to be used for vehicles.

    In April 1992, he joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (FKA the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) and mainly was engaged in R&D and frequency allocation. He took his current position in July 2018.

  • Special Lecture


    • Chief of ITS Policy and Program Office, Road Traffic Management Office, Road Bureau,
    • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    Mr. Katsuya Abe

    "MLIT Road Bureau's involvement in autonomous driving"

    To ensure the human resource and commodity distribution in aging mountain areas, the MLIT is testing the introduction of autonomous driving service in those areas by utilizing the rapidly improving autonomous driving technology. In this lecture, Mr. Abe talks about the proving test of autonomous driving service and how it can help the travel in living and the transportation of agricultural products. He also introduces what issues we have and how we should solve them toward the goal in 2020.

    Joined Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (FKA Ministry of Construction) in 1995. Finished his master in Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He took his current position in August 2018 after experiencing the chief of Kyushu Regional Development Bureau.

  • Guest Greeting


    • President of "Parliamentary group for considering Automobile Culture"
    Member of the House of Representatives

    Mr. Keiji Furuya

    A member of the House of Representatives, a primary minister who is in charge of national toughening and disaster prevention. Graduated from the faculty of economics of Seikei Univ. and joined a major insurance company. He was chosen in an election of the House of Representatives for 9 times in Gifu's 5 constituency. His actions in the parliamentary group: pres. of the provision team of the Liberal Democratic Party against the abduction issue by North Korea, pres. of the committee for the IT security, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting informatization education, pres. of the parliamentary group for promoting the next generation energy system, pres. of the motor sports promotion team in LDP, etc. The author of several books.

  • Special Lecture


    • Director of Autonomous Driving Strategy Office / Engineering Policy Division Road Transport Bureau,
    • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    Mr. Takahiro Hirasawa

    "Activities related to autonomous driving in the automotive field"

    The Road Bureau of MLIT promotes a manufacturing of safe vehicle by formulating vehicle safety standards and develops, put into practical use, and spreads vehicles equipped with the safety driving support system using advanced technologies. The purpose of its efforts is to contribute to reduce car accidents. In this lecture, Mr. Hirasawa introduces activities related to the latest vehicle technologies including the autonomous driving technology.

    Entered Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (FKA Ministry of Transportation) in 1995. He took his current position in July 2018 after experiencing the post of the director for Recall Enforcement Office.

  • Special Lecture


    • Director of Autonomous Driving Planning Office,
    • Traffic Planning Division, Traffic Bureau,
    • National Police Agency

    Mr. Toshihiro Sugi

    "NPA's involvement in autonomous driving"

    Autonomous driving is considered as the technology that contributes to reducing and easing traffic accidents in the future Japan, and the NPA is also working to support its advancement. In this lecture, Mr. Sugi introduces the current world trends about the autonomous driving, and the NPA's efforts related to it.

    He graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University in March 1988, and entered the National Police Agency in April. He experienced the director of the Police Administration Department, Nagasaki Prefectural Police, and Investigator of the Allowance and Welfare Division, Commissioner General's Secretariat, NPA, and took his current position in June 2017.

Virtual Reality Design Studio UC-win/Road Presentation


"Utilization and future vision of VR for autonomous driving, ADAS, mobility R&D, and training"

Katsumi Matsuda, Executive Officer and System Sales Manager of FORUM8

A variety of functions are required for the virtual space used as the experiment environment in the autonomous driving, ADAS, and mobility fields due to the advancement of research and development. In this presentation, Mr. Matsuda explains cases from VR construction and flexible experiment scenario setting using open data, utilization in the AI field, application to the driving training, to the system construction cooperated with measuring device and real-time HIL system. He also introduces case examples of embedded system development, system development using game engine, and linkage with the comprehensive 3DCG software Shade3D corresponding to the major formats including IGES / STEP / STL. In addition, he introduces the activities of the VR Promotion Conference that is building the VR models and platforms of each city in Japan and abroad to aim at the utilization of VR in various industries including the R&D of autonomous driving.

"New functions and new developments of UC-win/Road"

Pencreach Yoann, Executive officer and Development Senior Manager of FORUM8

Mr. Yoann introduces the new functions of UC-win/Road Ver.14 supporting the development of autonomous driving and ADAS technology. He explains the expansion of system linkage and sensing simulation function, adjustment and optimization of system by the experimental play function, and the current correspondence to the open standard. At the end, the development roadmap of the state-of-the-art rendering engine and utilization of cloud technology is introduced.

Book Launching Lecture


Four books created by FORUM8 and published by FORUM8 Publishing come out at the Design Festival 2019. The authors and editorial supervisors are invited and introduce the theme of their own books. The books are published only in Japanese.

Networking Party, Book Launch Sale


We will have a party at the end of the Day1.VR game event will also be held and participants can get a good bonus. We are looking forward to having you attend.
Venue: Foyer


-The 18th 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud Award Ceremony- The 18th 3DVR Simulation Contest

Experts explain awarded works data.

Don't miss new possibilities of the UC-win/Road!

Advanced VR data works gather from Japan and overseas for the 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud. The competition objects are expanded to various fields such as environmental assessment, disaster prevention, and education and training in addition to civil engineering, architecture, and traffic and vehicle in recent years. At the award ceremony, experts will explain the prize-winning data. Do not miss the event to know new possibilities of the evolving UC-win/Road.

  • Grand Prix

    VR simulation for Hokkaido Shinkansen Sapporo station design and construction
    / Hokkaido Railway Company

  • Excellence Award Semi Grand Prix

    3DVR of Winding tower in Shime mining factory
    and Related facilities (in 1964) / Tho.La.Consulting

  • Excellence Award
    Semi Grand Prix

    VR data for ship operation simulator /

  • Idea Award

    Safety driving simulator for university
    students / Central Police University
    Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Essence Award

    Autonomous driving simulation of
    mining dump truck /
    Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Honorable Judge Award
    Products Award

    Dual drive EPS system simulator
    / DENSO Corporation

Host / Presenter

Mr. Ryota Ieiri

  • Host / Presenter

He is an architectural IT journalist solving the business challenges that the construction industry has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM/CIM and ICT.


    Prof. Fumio Seki

    • Chief of the judging committee / Professor of Engineering department, Nihon University

    After graduating the department of science and engineering, Nihon University, he joined Design Planning office for civil design of Taisei Corporation and has been engaged in design etc. for road structure, river, harbor and lecture etc. Appointed in the current position since 2011.

  • Juries

    Mr. Hiroo Kasagi

    • Representative of NPO Chiikizukuri Kobo

    Director of Japan Society for Impact Assessment, director of Laboratory of Autonomy Problem, part-time instructor of Nagano University, CEO of Kizakiko Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd. Councilor of Omachi Kita high school. Author of some books. Won the prize of Minister for the Environment for his activity of global warming in 2005.


    Mr. Tatsuoki Inagaki

    • Director of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association

    Held a post of information technology manager at Road Management Technology Center and currently taking on a director of Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association. Author of some books about pavement engineering and road engineering. He is engaged in improvement of technology of road and pavement and promotion of research development.


  • Tue. Oct. 8
    Deadline for works submission
  • Tue. Oct.15
    Meeting for selecting nomination works
  • Tue. Nov.12
    Examining Meeting
     Venue: FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office
  • Wed. Nov.13
    Result Announcement and Award Ceremony
    of the 18th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud
     Venue: FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office


  • Grand Prix

    GALLERIA high-performance gaming notebook / Portable SSD / Certificate / Trophy / Book card

  • Semi Grand Prix

    GALLERIA gaming laptop / Certificate / Book card

  • Idea Award / Essence Award

    Raytrek 10inch Windows tablet / Certificate / Book card

  • Honorable Judge Award

    360 degree action camera Insta360 ONE X / Certificate / Book card

  • Nomination Award

    Certificate / Book card

  • *PCs are provided by THIRDWAVE Corporation.


-The 20th UC-win/Road Conference- The 20th VR Conference

Opening speech


Opening speech of The 13th FORUM8 Design Festival  CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito


"Latest functions and future vision of Shade3D"

Mr. Yoshitsugu explains the enhancement of cooperation with FORUM8's BIM/CIM corresponding products beginning from the 3D annotation and the future vision in addition to the latest functions including multi-language interface and the education programming tool. Practical modeling techniques and the latest case examples in each field will also be introduced.

  • FORUM8
  • Shade3D Development Group
  • Hideyuki Yoshitsugu
  • ■Overview of Shade3D
    Being equipped with functions such as the high-precise modeling, layout, camera, light source, rendering, and animation for the architectural perspective, interior design, and product design, Shade3D can be utilized as the modeling tool for UC-win/Road. An academic tool supporting the programming education is released in the latest version.

Open Final Judgment 10:30-12:00 / Award Ceremony 16:00-17:00

-The 7th Cloud Programming World Cup
-The 9th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud-
The 7th CPWC / The 9th VDWC

The 7th CPWC is a programming skill competition of a cloud application. The 9th VDWC is a competition of advanced architecture and civil engineering design. Both of them are very international contests. You can see many works with full of ideas and students presentations at the final judgement.

    • Host

      Ms. Kaltida Tada

      Born in Bangkok. MC speaking Japanese, English, and Thai. Model, narrator.

    • Presenter

      Construction IT Journalist

      Mr. Ryota Ieiri


  • Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro Fukuda

    • Head of judges / Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University
  • Associate Prof. Narahara Taro

    • College of Architectural Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Makoto Sato

    • Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Yoann Pencreach

    • Senior Manager of Development group, FORUM8

CPWC Award

  • World Cup Award

    • Award 300,000 yen
    • Certificate. Crystal Cup
  • Honorable Judge Award

    • Award 50,000 yen
    • Certificate. Memorial Cup
  • Nomination Award

    • Certificate. Memorials


  • Prof. Yasushi Ikeda

    • Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Graduate School of Keio University / Representative of IKDS
  • Prof. Kostas Terzidis

    • Tongji University, China
  • Prof. Masaru Minagawa

    • Faculty of Engineering, Dpt. of Urban and Civil Engineering / Vice President, Tokyo City Univ.

    • National Chiao Tung University,Taiwan

VDWC Award

  • World Cup Award

    • Award 300,000 yen
    • Certificate. Crystal Cup
  • Semi Grand Prix

    • Award 100,000 yen
    • Certificate. Semi Grand Prix Cup
  • Honorable Judge Award

    • Award 50,000 yen
    • Certificate. Memorials
  • Nomination Award

    • Certificate. Memorials


The 5th State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association /
Latest Technology Art Session

Special Lecture



Mr. Katsura Hattori

Joined The Asahi Shimbun Company in 1978 and worked as a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Lab., a scientific journalist, and a magazine editor. Retired in 2016. He wrote and translated some books.

"What is the information environment in next generation that VR is aiming at?"

People started to know the VR technology when the VPL released the VR product in 1989. In this lecture, Mr. Katsura explains why VR was generated in the development history of computer and how people accepted it in order to reveal what this technology has aimed at originally and review what role it will take in the future information society.

State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association



Chairman for the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association

Mr. Akira Hasegawa

A digital art creator born in 1947 in Komatsu, Ishikawa. Received many awards including Grand Prix of TVCM section by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association and ACC Award and more. He created thousands of company logos, TV programs, TV commercials, and advertisements.

The 3rd Hagura Award

To spread and promote the state-of-the-art expression technology, State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association established "Hagura Award". The purpose of this award is to contribute to enhancing the quality of expression technologies and spreading them to various fields by commending contributions to the society through works and activities utilizing the state of the art expression technologies regardless of field. The winners will be announced in this session.


The 12th International VR Symposium

VR usage proposals has been presented and discussed at the International VR symposium by World16 consisting of architecture, civil engineering, and urban plan researchers around the world. So far, it has been held in Phoenix, the US (2008), Hakone, Japan (2009), Santa Barbara, the US (2010), Pisa, Italy (2011), Hawaii (2014), and Thessaloniki, Greece (2015), Osaka (2016), Boston MIT (2017), and New Zealand (2018). This time, Yoshihiro Kobayashi from Arizona State Univ. hosts the symposium as the place of research and development presentation of summer workshop in Paris, France in July 2019 and its application to software by the cooperation between Forum8 and World16.

  • Introduction


    Arizona State Univ.

    Dr. Yoshihiro Kobayashi

  • Future development of FORUM8 products

    Executive officer and Development Senior Manager of FORUM8

    Pencreach Yoann

    Presentation about how FORUM8 and World16 will apply each project to the development of FORUM8 products including the concrete prospect and future vision.

  • Driving Companion

    • College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University
    • Prof. Kostas Terzidis

    He suggested an artificial knowledge companion that uses the conversation generation API MUSE developed by AKA Intelligence and talks by using contexts such as driver's facial expression and behavior. By cooperating with UC-win/Road, he will develop a system to make the driver relaxed by talking to him/her when he/she feels tired, bored, or irritated while driving.

  • Development of LOR

    • University of California
    • Prof. Marcos Novac

    This system visualizes the differences between the hard reality seen from the driver's seat and the soft reality seen from the assistant driver's seat in the same VR space by using the shader. By extracting where others are seeing from data of their point of view, it enables to do experiments and investigation on how the driver recognizes positions where the driver should look at or objects evoking interests by applying the filter and special shader on a part of the projected image.

  • Automobile sensor simulation

    • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Prof. Matthew Swarts

    He suggests the system for experiments of sensor communication between several automobiles in the VR space. In the workshop, he developed the system that acquires travel data and Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) data from other vehicles and transfer it in real-time by using the TCP and Web socket. It is expected that the system will be provided as a tool for researchers on the interactive autonomous driving.

  • Recapture a city

    • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    • Dr. Taro Narahara

    This project is about the auto-generation of virtual city images from colored segmentation images and videos by using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network (cGAN), which is one of the Generative Adversarial Network models. City models created with UC-win/Road used as learning data allow users to create driving videos instantly with sceneries of like Tokyo, Osaka, New York, and Paris from driving images divided in about 10 colors. In the presentation he will introduce the mechanism and the method of implement.

  • Virtual tour around historic sites in UC-win/Road

    • Robert Gordon University
    • Dr. Amar Bennadji

    Historical structures are weathered as time passes but can be saved in the complete state by reproducing in CG. UC-win/Road and CG historic sites realizes the virtual tour around historic sites in VR that cannot be experienced in the real world.

  • Pantomime driving

    • Victoria University of Wellington
    • Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel

    He developed a tool to connect functions such as moving camera positions and changing scenarios by not using the keyboard or controller but simple gestures when operating the VR system. This system is based on the CAVE system used in Victoria University and implements a wide variety of visualization patterns including the movement while seeing the side view by combining UC-win/Road and Leap motion.


The 5th Junior Software Seminar Award Ceremony

Excellent works created in "Junior Software Seminar" are awarded.

Networking Party


Venue: Trattoria Italia (Shinagawa Intercity B annex 1F)

We will hold a networking party for communication and information exchange. We are looking forward to having you attend.


-The 13th Design Conference IM&VR・i-Construction Session- The 13th Design Conference

With a view of BIM/CIM and i-Construction promoted by the MLIT, specialists in each field of seismic, disaster mitigation, and informational construction deliver speeches. In addition, FORUM8 staff introduces FORUM8 solutions using CIM and covering various phases such as performance design and maintenance and the activities based on the SDGs missions.

Opening speech


Opening speech of The 13th FORUM8 Design Festival  CEO and President of FORUM8, Yuji Ito

Special Lecture


Leader of Mechatronics Team, Smart Technology Development Group, Production Engineering Technology Dept., Taisei Advanced Center of Technology, Taisei Corporation

Mr. Hiroaki Aoki

He joined Taisei Corporation in 1996 and engaged in the civil engineering construction, recovery construction from disaster, and unmanned construction. He took his current position of development related to the construction ICT in 2016.

"Technology development of autonomous operation of construction machine by using UC-win/Road"

The autonomous operation technology for construction machine is one of the technologies that is expected to be established as soon as possible since it is easy to image usage scenes of the technology at construction sites in preparation for the reduction of the working population in the near future and can develop in business usages. Simulation technologies using UC-win/Road can test the algorithm of autonomous driving at any place and with no real machinery. This is an important technology that can accelerate the automation of construction machinery and is essential for the technical development of Taisei Corporation. In this lecture, Mr. Aoki introduces the examples of the technology.



"IM&VR solution - Utilization of design data and correspondence to the latest standard of BIM/CIM -"

Masakichi Yanagi, leader of FORUM8 UC-1 development Group Analysis support team

FORUM8 is providing IM (Information Modeling) & VR solutions corresponding to the BIM/CIM promoted in the i-Construction that is aiming at improvement of the productivity at construction sites. In this presentation, Mr. Yanagi introduces case examples of the correspondence to the latest standards of BIM/CIM; the construction simulation (4D simulation) using VR Design Studio UC-win/Road and the 3DCG software Shade3D, the utilization of design data cooperated with 3DCAD software to the integrated model, and the utilization of data linkage between UC-1 design programs and addition/accounting cloud system. He also explains the UC-1 Cloud auto-design series that FORUM8 newly released and can design automatically via web application.

Special Lecture


MIT Comparative Media Studies Program
Creative Director, Education Arcade and the Game Lab.

Prof. Scot Osterweil

He is the game designer being active in the industry and education fields and has created "Zoombinis" (mathematics, logics), "Vanished: The MIT/Smithsonian Game" (environment), "Labyrinth" (mathematics), "Kids Survey Network" (data, statistics), "Caduceus" (medical), and "iCue" (history). He is also a founder and creative director of Learning Games Network ( and leads the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Language Learning Initiative (ESL). "Quandary" designed by him won the Game of the Year given by Games for Change in 2013. He co-authored the book "Resonant Games (MIT Press)" and serves as the consultant on the Amazon TV series "Tumbleleaf" that won the Emmy Award.

"Play the future"

Although to purely consider the game as leisure is fascinating, it is actually a strong tool for thinking, planning, and creating. From the live action RPG, board game, Augmented Reality (AR) to Virtual Reality (VR), the MIT Game Lab has sought how to understand the world through playing and how to convince and give influences on others by utilizing the game. In this lecture, he explains his activities that involve the application of games to education and skill training.


Result Announcement and Award Ceremony The 6th National Resilience Design Award

"National Resilience Design Award" is the place to provide information and to improve skills by assembling concrete cases and results which is helping to strengthen the national land. Various brilliant works for strengthening of national land in the field of structural analysis (civil engineering and construction), ground and water engineering, and disaster prevention will be introduced.

Past awarded works


      • Chief of the judging committee
      • Professor Emeritus of Tokyo City University

      Prof. Hiromichi Yoshikawa

      Graduated from Department of Science and Engineering. A doctor of civil engineering and a specialist of aseismic engineering, earthquake risk, and armored concrete. Won the literature award and Yoshida award of Japan Society of Civil Engineers. Author of some books.

      • Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Shibaura Institute of Technology

      Prof. Masaru Morita

      Specialist of urban hydrology and groundwater hydrology. Currently he researches risk management of a flood. The author of a book about groundwater.

      • Science and Engineering Department, Gunma University

      Prof. Akihiko Wakai

      Member of Department of Environmental Engineering Science of Gunma University. He studies in a disaster prevention of ground, various ground movement, and interaction between ground and a structure, especially focusing on a prediction by computers like FEM.


Grand Prix
  • Certificate
  • Trophy
  • Critea high-spec notebook
  • Portable SSD
  • Amazon gift card
Excellent Award
  • Certificate
  • Altair mobile notebook
  • Amazon gift card
Honorable Judge Award
  • Certificate
  • Action camera
  • Amazon gift card
Nomination Award
  • Certificate
  • Book card

Usable product

FEM analysis
  • ・Engineer's Studio® dynamic non-linear analysis of 3D laminated plate / cable
  • ・FEMLEEG Comprehensive finite element method analysis system
  • ・WCOMD Studio
  • ・Geotechnical analysis (GeoFEAS Flow3D / GeoFEAS2D / Dynamic effective stress analysis for ground (UWLC) 3D slope stability analysis LEM3D / 2D seepage analysis (VGFlow))
UC-1 series
  • ・Structural analysis, bridge superstructure, bridge substructure, foundation design, temporary work design, road work design, water work design
Analysis support service



"FORUM8 FEM analysis solution"

Brent Fleming, Director in charge of development, FORUM8
Hiroaki Sano, Leader of FEMLEEG / Geotechnical Team, System Development Group, FORUM8

A lot of highways are used over 30 years and require many repair and reinforcement. The structural analysis software Engineer's Studio® that can handle the investigation of current state, performance design, and seismic reinforcement is utilized in various cases. FORUM8 released the Geo Engineer's Studio Ver.2 as a geotechnical analysis program, and it corresponds to the elasto-plastic analysis, liquefaction, responding seismic method, and river seismic standard. In this lecture, he introduces the structure and geotechnical FEM analysis solutions and the analysis case examples using them including the comprehensive FEM analysis software FEMLEEG that is utilized for stress analysis in a variety of fields.

"See you again next year"


VenueFORUM8 Seminar room

Next Design Festival is already scheduled from 18 to 20 November 2020. After all Day3 sessions are finished, a farewell party will be held in gratitude for the guests, hoping the reunion in next year. We are looking forward to having you attend.

Special event for premium users

  • Technical tour

    Autumn leaves in Yamanashi /
    Sophisticated art and
    Fuji Gotemba Outlet store
  • Candidates: Participants of Design Festival Day1, Day2, Day3
    Non-SPU users need to pay the participation fee.

  • Golf

    Camellia Hills
    Country Club
  • Camellia Hills Country Club
    265 Otake, Sodegaura, Chiba
    TEL 0438-75-4111
  • Starts at 9:24 (Departs Parking lot of Shinagawa Intercity A at 7:00)
  • Candidates: Participants of Design Festival Day1, Day2, Day3
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Book Information

Books published by FORUM8

Exhibited Systems

Leading-edge VR linkage systems including driving simulators are displayed and demonstrated.
Venue: Foyer