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Nepoch-FORUM8 conference 2008 in Tongji University

The 2nd Shanghai Conference will be held on March 13, sponsored by "NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. This year, it will be held at a seminar hall of Tongji University for the cooperation of the disaster prevention laboratory, Tongji University.
FORUM8 will invite experts in each field and provide the latest information about which we activity promote sales of our products, such as UC-win/FRAME (3D) at seminar- style session.
Keynote lectures are scheduled by Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Prof. Ma,Zhilia ( our part-time adviser),TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) "Abutment design (Chinese version)" is coming soon. The experience seminar of it will be held at FORUM8 Chinese support center on 14th.


Nepoch-FORUM8 conference 2008 Collection of Documents

Lecturer (In no particular order) PDF download
Guest of honor lecture "Traffic Design CAD System"
 Lecturer: Prof. Yang Xiaoguang, Tongji University
Invitation lecture, TRL (Transport Research Laboratory)
 "Optimisation and Evaluation of Traffic Signal Control in the UK"
 Lecturer: Mr. Alastair Maxwell
( UC-win/Road Session )
Special lecture "Future IT Use in Construction"
 Lecturer: Prof. Ma,Zhilia, Tsinghua University
"VR Case Reports in Japan with UC-win/Road" FORUM8>> UC-win/Road PDF(3,254KB)
( UC-win/FRAME(3D) Session )
Analysis seminar
"3-Dimensional Non-Linear Analysis Case and its Consideration of UC-win/FRAME(3D)"
 De-Yin JIN, FORUM8  >> UC-win/FRAME(3D)
"Software Feature Explanation: Abutment design, Retaining wall design, Temporary sheathing work design
 NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
 >> Abutment design Ver.6
 >> Retaining wall design Ver.7 Standard
 >> Temporary sheathing work design Ver.5
Abutment design
Retaining wall design
Temporary sheathing
work design

( EXODUS Session )
Special lecture Evacuation analysis, Disaster prevention-related lecture
 (disaster prevention laboratory of Tongji University or Japanese researchers )
"Analysis Cases with EXODUS in China"
NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
 >> Evacuation analysis EXODUS / SMARTFIRE
( GeoFEAS Session )
Special lecture "the Current Status and Problems of Geotechnical Analysis"
 Lecturer: Assistant instructor, Fei CAI, Gunma University in Japan
 >> Geotechnical analysis series
"GeoFEAS3D Analysis Feature and Analysis modeling" FORUM8
 >> Elastoplastic geotechnical analysis (GeoFEAS) 2D
( Xpswmm Session )
Special lecture
" The Current Status and Future Trend on the Countermeasure for Overflow Disaster in China"
 Lecturer: Vice-accounting LIU YAO, Hydro-soft Technology Institute Co., Ltd / Tepia group China.
"Overflow Analysis Xpswmm and Water System Engineering Software Series"  FORUM8  >> xpswmm rainfall-outflow analysis software PDF(1,811KB)

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