Development Information
Product Development Information (updated on May 02, 2008)

Here are announcements about ongoing development and also the main details of products scheduled for release.
These specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

UC-win series

Product name/ Price Overview / Revised Information Release
Price to be announced
Ver.1.00.00 <New>
  • multi-processor compliant
  • support for large scale spatial data
  • changes to the treatment of terrain (terrain is created by combining minimum units of 500m*500m)
  • coordinate system established according to terrain
  • terrain editing based on contour lines
  • project control of data (support for editing by multiple members at the same time)
  • reference point setting when specifying the location of cross-section
  • line editing by area
  • definition of cross-section shape by parts (corridor)
  • specification of the connection angle of ramp sections
  • support for railroads (horizontal alignment, intersections, railway vehicle profiles, etc.)
  • cross-section definition for roads and railways
  • drive settings for single lanes (inbound, outbound, both ways)
  • setting of an arbitrary number of road lanes for a cross-section
  • object layer settings in road plan view
  • definition of roads designated for driving
  • before/after for roads
  • script configuration by subscripts
  • fast forward of subscripts
Engineer's Studio
(tax included)
Ver.1.00.00 <New>
  • plate elements (laminated Mindlin, consideration of shear deformation, consideration of non-linear geometry, consideration of material non-linearity for concrete and reinforcing bars)
  • new design for UC-win/FRAME(3D) input screen
  • extensive revision of UC-win/FRAME(3D) report output

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