2023.12.13Wed~15Fri VENUE.SYDNEY

International Conference and Exhibition on
Digital Media and Digital Contents with
a focus on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

  • Date: December 13th-15th, 2023
  • Country: Sydney, Australia
  • Venue: ICC Sydney MAP
  • Participation Fee: Registration required

FORUM8 is a Platinum Sponsor
of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2023 Sydney.

Exhibition Theme

Japanese VR CG Software that can
Realize Digital Twins and Metaverse
Build/Experience the Metaverse with VR CG and WebVR!

Booth No: B05

Exhibition Contents


Metaverse can be freely created
from scratch and edited as needed!

Optimize and edit existing 3D VR data.
When linked with flexible API, F8VPS can interoperate with various ERP systems, web applications, GPS monitoring systems, and wearable devices.

■F8VPS Application Examples

  • Digital Twin Metaverse Showroom with Web3

    Digital Twin Metaverse
    Showroom with Web3 NEW!

  • Virtual Showroom

    Virtual Showroom

  • Virtual FORUM8 Rally Japan 2023

    Virtual FORUM8
    Rally Japan 2023 NEW!


Easily create large scale
digital twin environments!

Various analysis results can be imported and visualized for an integrated examination/simulation.


With many new and enhanced
Metaverse features!

Shade3D can do everything from modeling and rendering to animation and 3D printing, and is used in various fields including architecture, interior design, and product design thanks to the software’s ability to create high quality CG.

Suite CHIDORI Engine

Japan-made Multi-Platform
3D Game Engine

Chidori is a powerful engine that can be used for developing a wide variety of applications and CG-based solutions such as business applications, digital signage, and AR in addition to games.

FORUM8 Web3 System

Select features of NFT System according to your purpose

A secure platform to generate and authenticate various NFT documents in any file format, and issue NFT contracts, receipts and certificates using blockchain technology.


AR System

WebAR built by VR Design Studio UC-win/Road and F8VPS. AR can be experienced using smartphones, etc.

VR360 degree simulator

VR360 degree Simulator
Air Race Experience

Experience air racing in the digital twin space built with "UC-win/Road" by riding the 360 degree simulator with rotating seat!

VR Motion Seat

VR Motion Seat
Earthquake & Roller Coaster Experience

Experience an earthquake simulation with damage and effects of shaking and collapsing furniture and lighting fixtures visualized in 3DVR through simple data input, and a roller coaster ride!

UAV Gesture Control System

Gesture Control

UAV Gesture Control System with Sensing Device and VR Design Studio UC-win/Road linked together

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