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a3S (Anything as a Service) SDK
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a3S SDK Dev. Kit License  $3,360
a3S SDK Server License  $4,400
a3S Client - 10 Clients  $4,400
Unlimited Clients  $5,500
"a3S" data transfer library customizable kits
Initial Release: August, 2013
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   Product Description
  The a3S SDK (Sofware Development Kit) series allow users to create their own cloud applicaton. It is possible to create many different cloud-based applications and services by leveraging on the cloud server's hardware to transfer or to stream big volumed video or sound data to end-cleints. 

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Patent Detail
  • a3S (Anything as a Service) : Cloud Streaming Library
    3D VR Cloud, VR-Cloud® Data Streaming Technology
    Date : September 20, 2013
    Patent No. : 5367687   2010-290022
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   Program Specifications

Get your hands on the state of the art architecture cloud system!
The a3S is a cloud multimedia system that is solely developed by FORUM8, which allows users to develop cloud-based applications on their own. Through the SDK, it is possible to transfer and stream high-resolution video or sound (future update) data between the server and end-client computing devices. Development your own cloud computing application and help share your idea to serve more people!

  • Supported Platform: Windows (Android, Linux, iOS in the future)
  • Language:C/C++, DelphiTM

Supports both pulic and private cloud services to suit your needs!
  • Store and share large cloud data with others
  • Video hosting or video on demand streaming services
  • Chat, bulletin board, or other text & message services
  • Cloud-based game services
  • Cloudification of existing application 

Core module of the a3S multimedia cloud system
a3S Protocol: Controls the protocals and manages the control, synchronization, and authentication part of the system between the clients and the servers. 
a3S Multimedia: Latest video compression methods allow quick encoding and decoding of multimedia files to achieve stress-free streming services
a3S Data: Data management system alloing users to transfer up to 4GB of data at a time.

a3S system based example
VR-Cloud® is a service based on the a3S cloud system. This application allows client users to access and share high-resolution video and audio data created by UC-win/Road. It is also possible to navigate and manipulate the 3D VR space directly and shaare the results with others without the limits imposed by end client hardware specifications.

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