Actual examples demonstration model list

Road Expressway Toukai ring road
Korean expressway
Traffic simulation large-scale store congestion expression
Intersection Around Tokyo station
Junction Ebina kita JC
IC/ETC lane Tomei toll gate
Linear reviewing NIkko Utunomiya road
Tunnel Underpass Underpass
Subway Tunnel
Fosse Fosse type half subsurface structure
Mountain tunnel Mountain road
Compounded tunnel Tunnel
Bridge Arch bridge Kushimoto bridge
Bridge form comparison JR elevating structure(3 sutra plan)
JR elevating structure(2 sutra plan)
Bridge construction Bridge sending method of construction
Suspension bridge Suspension bridge
River River conservation Takarazuka river improvement
Estuary weir River view and the dam
River improvement River conservation
Canal View of the seaside-View of Seito
Architecture Land formation plan Housing land development model
Condominium project Around Nakameguro station
Housing program Creation of housing site
Parking lot plan Multi-story parking plan
Signature plan Roppongi Hills signature plan
Railway Crossing Railroad crossing, the example of the Waypoint use
Underpass Expression under the elevating structure
Rail yard Around Nakameguro station
Pedestrian-deck Pedestrian deck and secondary-road
station building repair JR station reviewing data
LRT LRT plan
Harbor airport Yacht harbor View of the seaside
Harbor Yokohama harbor
Airport Haneda airport
Park Park plan Waterfront Subcenter Development image
Park facilities Park plan
Golf course Golf course
City / Street
City replay Taxi pool in front of the station
Station pre-planning Pedestrian deck and secondary-road
Basement opening Around Nakameguro station
Method of construction Flyover construction Toda Construction Suisui MOP construction method
Viaduct building Precast arch building mobility
Tunnel new method Tunnel building
Assumption Street building and traffic control Regulation pond
Station extension JR station building
Disaster Mountain road disaster Mountain road disaster
Urban damages Urban damages
Traffic accident Traffic accident
Flood damage Hazard map data
Tsunami Tsunami present state data
Others Others Around Nakameguro station

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