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UC-win/Road Data exchange tool
The tool collection for DXF Data exchange, SIMA Data exchange, 3D model exchange, Horizontal alignment IP calculation, Tunnel cross section calculation in UC-win/Road UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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Product Price
Click here for base UC-win/Road prices.

Product Name Price
UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool US$1,430

Academy Price
An Academy License can be provided for educational purposes, such as use by educators, academic researchers, and students.
Product Name Academic Price
UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool US$1,144

Price of Maintenance and Support Contract
Contents of Support (provided at no charge for 1 year)
-Telephone technical support-Inquiry support (email, FAX) -Download service
-Maintenance information delivery service -Technical information delivery service
* Version upgrades during the optional maintenance contract period are provided at no charge.
* The Maintenance and Support Service was started on 1 September, 2003 to further enhance the support which is provided for the UC-1 and UC-win series products.
Product Maintenance Contract Option Support Contract Option
1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 1 Year
UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool US$330 US$660 US$990 Users with current Support contract can migrate to Short term Maintenance & Support contract.
"No telephone support" service
5,000yen discount from fixed price per year
The cost for your Support and Maintenance Plan is based on each license.
No telephone support. (FAX, E-mail support is available). No discount from Standard telephone support.

"Premium telephone support" service
An additional 15,000yen on top of the fixed price per year
The cost for your Support and Maintenance Plan is based on each license.
Unlimited telephone support service. It is possible to upgrade from "Standard Telephone support" to "Premium Telephone support".

Upgrade History
The updated informations are listed below.

UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool
Version Released date Main updated functions
1.04.04 06 May 2010
  1. Road Data Viewer:
    • Support for 3D-PDF report output(Output via Acrobat3D V8、Acrobat 9 Pro Extended)
    • Support for UC-win/Road 3.04 data format
    • User interface for EXCEL 2007
    • Support for OpenOffice.org 3.1 report output
  2. HTML format help function for each tool
  3. Support for Web authentication
1.04.03 25 Mar. 2008
  1. Script data reference, output function to delivery slip
  2. Support for delivery slip capture image compression with "Syukusyo senyou(Freeware)"
  3. Support for UC-win/Road(3.03.00) data format
1.04.00 09 Jan. 2007
  1. Added banking edge 3D model creation tool
  2. Improved SIMA data exchange tool
  3. Support for Road Data Viewer Ver.3.2 SP1(Ver.3.02.11) data format
  4. Road Data Viewer: Added contour trace function, terrain patch data creation function
1.03.00 20 Apr. 2006
  1. Civil engineering 3D model creation tool(Frame)(New function)
    • 3D model creation function by generator
    • Creation support tool for UC-win/FRAME(3D) style model with frame and section
  2. Civil engineering 3D model creation tool(Parametric)(New function)
    • 3D model creation function by structural dimension parameter of civil structures
    • UC-1 style creation support tool which supports for bridge abutment, bridge pier, retaining wall, Box
  3. Road Data Viewer(New function)
    • UC-win/Road data validation function, texture photo size, the number of 3D model polygon)
    • Data structure and model number list display function
    • Path(Road, flight, background), section information display function
    • Display function of each model position information
    • UC-win/Road data delivery slip creation function
  4. Improved SIMA data exchange tool
    • Support for road data exchange
    • Exchange from terrain data and coordinate data to each terrain patch
  5. Improved 3D model exchange tool
    • Support for the linkage with model from"Civil engineering 3D model creation tool"
1.02.00 30 Sep. 2005
  1. Added "GeoMap3D data exchange tool" which supports for 3D terrain modeling
  2. Added and enhanced tunnel section calculation tool function
1.01.00 14 Feb. 2005
  1. Added tunnel section calculation tool
    • Support for section calculation of three-lanes tunnel
    • Support for arbitrary input of standard part and emergency parking bay part
1.00.00 25 Oct. 2004
  1. The following tools were released together.
    • DXF data exchange tool
    • SIMA data exchange tool
    • 3D model exchange tool
    * 3D model exchange tool includes the terrain data output function.

Contact for Product Purchases and Inquiries
Contact for UC-win/Road inquiries:road@forum8.co.jp

: Credit and 0% interest installment plans are available.
If you have any questions, please contact the version upgrade center(vc@forum8.co.jp).

Enquiries : enquiries can be handled by any of the sales offices in Japan.
Please direct any questions about this homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp.
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