Development history of previous version (UC-win/Road)
 UC-win/Road Ver.12
Version Release Updated Contents
12.1.0 17/07/19
  1. Quick building function: creating simple building models
  2. Object batch movement function: moving selected multiple objects on the plan view
  3. New plug-in options
    DS course conversion plug-in, Speed meter plug-in, HTC VIVE plug-in, OpenFlight plug-in, Environmental assessment plug-in
  4. Enhancement of 64 bit plug-in support
12.0.0 17/02/28
  1. 64bit native support
  2. SILS simulation control and cluster synchronization have been added.
  3. UAV Plug-in Ver.2: Batch setting of mapping mission, obtaining photo location, automatic recording, exposure setting
  4. Camera sensor basic Plug-in (New plug-in with additional cost)
  5. Virtual display and mask function (New plug-in with additional cost)
  6. Scenario: Control considering vehicle weight and car distance, vehicle searching function
  7. Information display in 2D view, object operation
  8. User variable number: Scenario control, log export
  9. Object reference function by object custom ID

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