UC-win/Road Ver.4.00.03 (Released April 8, 2010)
1.Newly released plug-in option: S-PARAMICS plug-in
  • >>Related option UC-win/Road Micro Simulation Player Plug-in option
    >> Collaboration News SIAS Limited (UK), Up and Coming 2010 New Year issue

    S-PARAMICS plug-in operation movie
    1. PARAMICS operation, GTSM Terminal YouTube
    2. PARAMICS operation, Roundabout Design by Ourston ? Submission for VR Contest YouTube
    3. PARAMICS operation of sample data YouTube
    4. PARAMICS data export to UC-win/Road YouTube
    5. PARAMICS data import from UC-win/Road YouTube
    6. PARAMICS sample data in UC-win/Road environment YouTube

2.New plug-in option: Communication plug-in

3.Improved interface with game controllers
  • CPU Usage reduced; No longer necessary to restart the software after hardware is connected

4.Improvements in Micro Simulation Player
  • The vehicles surrounding the user's vehicle are controlled
  • Users can drive inside the simulation played by microsimulation player
  • The vehicles surrounding the user's vehicle slow down or stop to avoid collision
  • Paths of dynamic objects can be displayed
  • Improved animation, including MD3 characters moving smoothly
  • MD3 character plug-in can be controlled by scripts

5.Improved scenario functions
  • Reference to dynamic models are applied to all instances; Reset command for models enabled

6.Improved forest generation
  • Minimum size is now 0.1m, instead of 1m; entropy of tree dispersion improved

7.Simultaneous playback of multiple sound files during scripts

8.Customization of company logo on the result screen of Eco driving plug-in now possible

<Ver.4.00.04 (Released May 6, 2010) Revised points>
1. Drive simulation plug-in is prerequisite of SENSO-Drive(* 1)
2. Drive simulation plug-in allows the link with CarSim V8.02(* 2)

*1 SENSO-Drive is a product of SENSODRIVE, Germany(http://www.sensodrive.de/)
*2 CarSim is a product of Mechanical Simulation, U.S.(http://www.carsim.com/)

<Ver.4.00.05 (Released August 24, 2010) Revised points>
1. UC-win/Road for Civil 3D plug-in was revised to support AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009, 2010, 2011