ITS European Congress
Date : June 4, 2013 - 7 June, 2013 (Up&Coming July, 2013)

Last week we (Forum8) attended the 9th ITS European Congress in Dublin where we shared an exhibition booth with our French partners BMIA.

Exhibitors included ARUP, SIEMANS, T-SYSTEMS, THALES, MOUCHEL, MIRA, AECOM, IBM, PTV GROUP, ITS JAPAN and EGIS (Over 80 Exhibitors in total)

The congress was very well attended and lasted all week and we were able to make some excellent contacts and a lot of interest was generated around our booth.

Some of the excellent sales leads we made included the Global Highways Director from ARUP, The Ministry of Transport and Public Works in the Netherlands, The Royal National Institute of Blind People (very interesting contact who was looking for a simulator to use for blind people) Praha in the Czech Republic and TEAM from Austria.

On day one Philippe from BMIA gave his presentation on G’Val and on the final day Brendan gave his presentation on VR-Cloud and both were well received and further contacts were made again which will be followed up accordingly.

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