Date: December 3-6, 2014
Venue : Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Sponsor : Committee of SIGGRAPH ASIA2014
(Up&Coming 2015 New Year Issue)

SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics) is one of the
international conferences / exhibitions sponsored by the subcommittee of computer graphics (CG) in the Association for Computing Machinery. The first conference was held in 1974, and since 2008, SIGGRAPH ASIA is held in the Asian regions in winter. This year, it was held in Shenzhen of China, and next year's venue has been decided to be Kobe.
As for FORUM8, 3D projection mapping, UC-win/Road Ver.10, SENSO - Wheel driving simulator, VR-Cloud®, Ultra Micro Data Center, etc. have been displayed. The booth was near the entrance of the hall, drawing lots of attention and many people came to visit everyday.

In the future, there are a number of exhibitions planned in events both within and outside the country, and we are looking forward for your attendance.