MIT ILP Workshop
Date : May 9, 2016
Venue : The MIT Industry Meeting Center, Cambridge, MA, USA
Hosted by MIT ILP
(Up&Coming 2016 Summer Issue)

Over 50 delegates took part in the above MIT ILP Workshop including FORUM8.
The workshop consisted of a number of product presentations from MIT startup companies along with a series of specific presentations from industry experts into a wide number of the potential applications and specific market areas related to Intelligent Mobility both now and in the future. The specific focus of this event was the development and application of autonomous vehicles.

Karl Koster – Executive Director of the MIT ILP program - introduced the whole concept of the ILP program and its work with a growing network of industry leaders worldwide. During conversation Karl invited Brendan Hafferty to introduce FORUM8 to the delegates as a new member of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program.

Lightning section of the workshop comprised relatively short elevator-pitch type presentations by eight startup companies all working within the area of Intelligent Mobility.

The final session was a Panel Discussion. This session comprised of the panellists outlining the trends in intelligent mobility and how best to act on these trends and the new challenges / opportunities they bring. The massive changes that would have to be made in current road networks to accommodate autonomous driving were discussed. The whole subject of embedded sensors within road networks and the use of Big Data was discussed along with the use of modern analytics by city planners and DOTs.

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