●Date: May 26-28, 2016
●Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center
Hosted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
(Up&Coming 2016 Summer Issue)

INT'L SOFT CHINA 2016 was held in Beijing, China on May 26-28, hosted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This site was used as the venue of ITS World Congress Beijing 2007. This place has a deep connection to FORUM8 because the ITS congress was the trigger for FORUM8 to make a full-scale entry into the business related to driving simulation. A booth of Japanese companies was organized by business working group of Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ). A lot of people paid a visit to this wide open space.

FORUM8 attracted attention by the demonstration of the autonomous driving on SENSO-Drive simulator. Visitors were sensitive to the word VR because of the boom of VR and HMD including Oculus in China. Exhibition and experience focused on DS and VR were unusual in China and a lot of visitors were interested in that. People also have the interest in VR that is related to the sightseeing and medical. Future development of VR is expected in China.