Taipei Software Expo 2016

●Date: 1-4 July 2016 ●Venue: Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center
Sponsor :CISA(Information Service Industry Association of China)
(Up&Coming 2016 Fall Issue)

Taipei Software Expo 2016 was held at Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center, Taiwan on Fri. 1 to Mon. 4 July 2016. This exhibition is held for the 2nd time on the subject of "Power of Software", and manufactures and vendors around the world who provide advanced software, applications, and cloud services introduced their state-of-the-art technologies.

Taiwan FORUM8 Software Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited its solutions at Japan pavilion. Many people showed interest to a simulation experience booth with a head mount display Oculus Rift DK2 and 3D VR software UC-win/Road. SENSO-Wheel also attracted a lot of visitors and they had a valuable opportunity to experience the steering wheel's realistic movement during autonomous driving and its vibration and force feedback during manual driving.

In particular, a smartphone and mobile information device manufacture HTC Corporation paid attention to FORUM8's solutions. Considering the possibility of interactive VR experience, they requested a future linkage between their latest 3D glasses VINE and UC-win/Road. Consulting comanies in Taiwan talk about a UC-win/Road modeling business based on 2D figure, and possibility of VR usability for road designing became clear.

Among the increasing demands of VR in Taiwan, FORUM8 continues to propose the latest VR/AR technologies and package systems including driving simulator. Keep your eyes on our advancement.

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