SimTecT 2016

●Date: 26-30 September 2016 ●Venue: The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Simulation Australia Ltd
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"SIMTECT 2016", the conference and exhibition about simulation technology, was held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia for 5 days from 26th to 30th September, 2016. The organizer Simulation Australia Ltd is an organization promoting Australia's economic and social growth by research development about simulation, training, and modeling, and they also provide international exchange places in all of Australia.

At a master class conference on the first day, Prof. Edwin Galea, who is the founder of Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) in Greenwich University and an authority on evacuation analysis, delivered a lecture on the topic "Principles and Practice of Evacuation Simulation". The lecture was about an evacuation simulation that can predict human behaviors during evacuation, evacuation time, and building structures that will be a bottleneck of evacuation, and how to utilize the data acquired from evacuation experiment by quantifying city scaled human behaviors from architecture environments such as building, airplane, ship, and railroad. As an example, he talked about evacuation simulation for wheelcheer user that can be used in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and general architectural environments. He also pointed its task and emphasized that useless modification cost can be reduced by optimizing layout with reference to the evacuation analysis result in the first phase of architectural design.

As for the FORUM8 booth, with the theme "Era of Virtual Reality UC-win/Road", we exhibited 3DVR simulation UC-win/Road, disaster prevention solutions visualizing analysis result of EXODUS/SMARTFIRE in VR, 3ch mini drive simulator that can utilize UC-win/Road and can be applied to ADAS and autonomous driving research, SENSO-Wheel drive simulator supporting force feedback, and UC-win/Road Oculus plug-in realizing the realistic drive simulation experience with Oculus.

A number of users including University of Wollongong and the president of AUSIMTECH experienced the state-of-the-art VR technology at the FORUM8 booth. AUSIMTECH is the company who developed the D-BOX simulator, which FORUM8 exhibited at ITS world congress, for the experience of acceleration, pitch, and roll. University of Wollongong is utilizing UC-win/Road for the road safety research that CIT (Cooperative Intelligent Transport) system is applied to. There were also booths of a military simulator VBS3 developer Bohemia Interactive Simulations and BAE systems Australia, who utilizes the VBS3 for military training, and we received requests for tank training and modeling of grasslands and deserts. We also received inquiries about drive training simulator and urban traffic simulation from universities and consultants.

It is expected that more and more people require UC-win/Road as a education and training simulation tool in a variety of fields. Keep your eyes on our VR advancement.

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