The 23th ITS World Congress Melbourne 2016

●Date: Oct. 10-14, 2016 ●Venue: The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hosted by Institute of Transportation Engineers
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ITS World Congress Melbourne was held for 5 days from Oct. 10 to 14, 2016 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

The 23rd ITS World Congress this year is the world's largest ITS expertism exhibition, and a lot of car manufacturing and associated companies from around the world every year. Entitled "Enhancing Livable and Communities" this year, the total number of participants reached about 7,000.

FORUM8 has exhibited at the ITS World Congress every year since the 11th congress 2004 in Nagoya, Aichi, and participated this year as a sponsor of lanyards following last year's congress in Bordeaux. At the FORUM8 booth, under the theme of "Offering custom built VR systems based on the Era of Virtual Reality UC-win/Road® Ver. 11 for ITS, ADAS, and autonomous driving research", we exhibited the latest solutions including hardware connecting systems using UC-win/Road as below:

-3D virtual reality UC-win/Road Ver.11
-Mind Wave & VR
-Experience corner of Oculus Rift plug-in
-Autonomous UAV
-Kinect plug-in
-VR-Cloud® Ver.6 / high speed graphic server UMDC
-Compact drive simulator
-SensoDrive simulator (autonomous driving demonstration)
-D-BOX simulator

Opening Ceremony

Drive simulator by brain wave measuring device

At the "UC-win/Road DBOX simulator" corner, we exhibited the D-BOX simulator equipped with motion platform supporting motion cueing that feedbacks vehicle motion feeling on three screens where interactive driving scenario of UC-win/Road runs. There were always long queues all day for five days.

At "Drive simulator by brain wave (MindWave)" corner, guests experienced drive simulation with UC-win/Road and 6K signage brain wave measurement device MindWave Mobile. Wireless stereo head device MindWave Mobile equipping brain wave sensor measures brain wave sorted by types of frequency like alpha and beta and converts it to psychological state such as concentration and relaxation by original algorithm. UC-win/Road MindWaveMobile plug-in cooperates with VR data and allows you to control brake and accelerator operation by your brain wave. The innovative drive simulation that the vehicle accelerated when concentrating and slowed down when relaxing was extremely liked by everybody.

At "UAV&VR" corner, DJI PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL, UC-win/Road and AndroidTM device as the operation device, and the remote controller were exhibited, and auto flight route setting of UAV from UC-win/Road was demonstrated. Trial presentation by using the late-model HMD Oculus Rift CV1/Oculus RiftDK2 head mount display was performed at "UC-win/Road Oculus plug-in trial presentation" corner.

At "VR-Cloud®" corner, we exhibited VR-Cloud® that can control VR space by mobile terminals and perform drive simulation, and the high speed graphic server UMDC suitable for it. The UC-win/Road hands-free driving by using KinectTM that recognizes the motions of tester's skeleton with infrared rays was introduced at "Infrared&VR" corner.

We continue to make system proposals applicable to ITS system R&D. Keep your eyes on our advancement.



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