●Date: December 6-8, 2016 ●Venue: The Venetian Macao
(Up&Coming 2017 New Year issue)

From December 5 to 8, 2016, "SIGGRAPH ASIA2016" was held at The Venetian Macao. This is the Asian version of one of the largest international conference about the computer graphics (CG) in the US every year, and a lot of literatures and works about CG technology are published.

At SIGGRAPH held in China this year, we could see many hardware related devices such as head mount display, entire perimeter camera, and full body scan modeling system using Kinect because the development of hardware is active in China. Exhibitors were from companies and universities mainly in China, and a lot of people from overseas visited the conference.

FORUM8 exhibited a system utilizing "UC-win/Road Ver.11.2". Although development of hardware is active in China, training of content creators and software vendors is said to be a task. Therefore, many visitors had an interest in UC-win/Road features like intuitive modeling, a variety of simulations, and support service for 3D VR creation.

Moreover, we are receiving inquiries about the results of R&D by "World16", that is consisted of researchers from all over the world, introduced at the International VR Symposium at The 10th FORUM8 Design Festival.

FORUM8 also exhibited the simulator system that UC-win/Road and devices are cooperated. This time, we conducted Air Driving simulation by using the infrared depth sensor "KinectTM" and gestures, and trial drive with a brain wave sensing device "Mindwave Mobile". In the trial drive with "Mindwave Mobile", tester can control acceleration and deceleration by the differences of brain wave according to concentration. In addition, guests from overseas liked and had interests in "Model&VR" that 3D city model data created in UC-win/Road is exported as a model by a 3D printer and the projection mapping on it, because it was not familiar with them. We also received expectations about the UAV plug-in for autonomous UAV flight, the earthquake simulator, and the collaboration currently under development with Microsoft's AR device "HoloLens".

FORUM8 will continue to develop a variety of products. Support of large data by UC-win/Road Ver.12 64 bit support will boost a big data solution and IoT proposals. Keep your eyes on our development and systems.

Seminar Report