Autotronics Manufacturing Korea 2017
Date April 5-7, 2017
Venue: Coex C-hall in Seoul
Hosted by: K.fairs Ltd.
(Up&Coming 2017 Summer issue)

Autotronics Manufacturing Korea 2017 was held in Seoul, Korea from 5 to 7 April.

In spite that the number of people related to automobile fields seemed to be a bit little because of the Seoul Motor Show held around the same time at another exhibition hall (Kintex, Gyeonggi Province), FORUM8 had a lot of visitors to our booth.

We received concrete inquiries about VR utilization from companies related to hardware such as headlight development, security, and LED business.
A company in industrial institutes education field were also interested in the VR simulator, and the exhibition was very significant for FORUM8.

Seminar Report

シミュレーション 動的非線形解析 構造解析/断面 橋梁下部工 仮設工 上下水道/河川 CALS/CAD 耐震診断/補強 建築設計 サポート/サービス ASPサービス 橋梁上部工 基礎工 道路土工 地盤解析 維持管理 鋼橋設計 UC-1ツールズ 紹介プログラム