2nd Roundtable for the Purpose of Autonomous Driving (ROAD2017)
Date: June 9, 2017
Venue: Koushou-ji temple, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Hosted by: ROAD 2017 Organizing Committee
(Up&Coming 2017 Summer issue)

2nd Roundtable for the Purpose of Autonomous Driving (ROAD2017) is an international conference mainly managed by Japan and European countries, and was held on June 9, 2017, led by Mr. Tetsunori Haraguchi (Designated Professor / Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University).
Five topics such as the future mobility, the future image of autonomous driving were prepared in five rooms, and participants visited each room and discussed the topics. From FORUM8, the system sales manager participated as a panelist, and the VR development manager as a moderator. The latter presented "Future mobility for seniors and disabled persons Projection in 2035-2050", and talked about cases where VR driving simulation and VR systems can contribute and the importance of the use of driver's biological information.

Seminar Report