●Date: 10-13 July, 2017    ●Venue: Ekaterinburg-EXPO
Organizer: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast
(Up&Coming 2017 Fall issue)

"INNOPROM2017" was held at Ekaterinburg-EXPO, Russia. This comprehensive industrial exposition is one of the largest exhibition in Russia, and Japan became a partner country for the first time. At this event, 640 companies from 25 countries and 168 companies / organizations from Japan exhibited. Not only from the manufacture field, a variety companies from such as environment/energy, infrastructure, space, VR, artificial intelligence, plant factory, and food and tourism carried out innovative exhibitions in each field.

As an unusual exhibit, mapping on the sandbox using sensing information acquired by KinectTM were exhibited as an education and training reform system with the purpose of fostering imagination and physical abilities. Also during the event, President Putin and the governor participated a reception, a strategic dialogue with the Industrial and Commercial Minister Manturov, and visited booths. The trust of Russian people, who account for 90% of the visitors, to Japan quality is deep, and through this exhibition, we are fulfilling business exchange and strengthening economic relations with Russia.

Forum8 had the largest booth in the Japan Pavilion and exhibited with the theme "The era of Virtual Reality UC-win/Road®" -VR, Driving Simulators, IoT and Embedded Solutions-. We exhibited and proposed various simulation systems with UC-win/Road as the platform. The consistent solution exhibit covering from software to hardware was rare, and we received a lot of enquiries in various applications such as urban development by government agencies, driving simulator research and development system, construction industry, advertisement and design business, IT education system, entertainment / game system, etc. As system exhibits, we showcased VR content using HMD, cabinet type driving simulator, sensing system utilizing brain waves and KinectTM, remote control system such as autonomous flight type UAV and robot arm, cloud system, earthquake simulator etc. Every content was full of success. Content was also successfully lost.

Forum8 will further focus on system development, cloud solutions, and core software development. We will further focus on system development and collaboration with UC-win/Road as the platform as a solution to oversee diversified information and communication technologies. We will continue to support products and technologies of users providing global brand "Japan Quality".

Seminar Report