●Date: 27-30 November 2017      ●Venue: BITEC (Bangkok, Thailand)
(Up&Coming 2018 New Year issue)

"SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017", an exhibition with a theme computer graphics and interactive technology was held from 27 to 30 November, 2017 in Thailand. This event is held in Asia in winter from 2008 as the Asian version of the historical international conference started in America in 1974, and it has reached the tenth exhibition this year.

Forum8 ran a booth in the size of four compartments this time, and a lot of participants from all over the world paid attention to our experience-type exhibits based on the real time VR solution "UC-win/Road".

Especially, a lot of guests experienced the "VR Motion Seat" that man can feel motions in back and forth, right and left, up and down while seeing a real-size 3D VR (Virtual Reality) images on HMD (Head Mounted Display). It was a thrilling ride on a huge imaginary roller coaster constructed in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The image on HMD was displayed on a monitor next to the seat, and high-school students in the waiting line shouted for joy, imagining its thrill.

This VR motion seat was shipped by air from the Forum8 Korea office in Seoul. Since Thailand has a strict importation procedure on high-tech products, the Korea staff also had to go to Thailand. Thanks to the effort, the VR Motion Seat always had a waiting line, and it appealed the technical strength of Forum8 enough to the guests.

"AR Mail From Harbin" was a collaboration of postcards and AR (Augmented Reality) technology and was also attracting the attention. Divided plan views are drawn on back sides of postcards, and a 3D image appears when a smartphone is held over the aligned postcards. Pictures sent from sightseeing spots make receivers feel as if they were on site.

In addition, VR works created by "World 16", which is a researcher group developing Forum8's technologies, received attention from specialists. Other exhibited articles enjoyed popularity were an automatic system that shoots photo and conduct checking by using a plug-in that cooperates drone and UC-win/Road, and a projection mapping system that a small projector displays a realistic image on a model of Enyuji Temple in Meguro, Tokyo created by 3D printer.

A driving simulator driven with "KinectTM" that detects hand gesture and the "Train Simulator VR" that man operate with HMD "Oculus Hive" also gained popularity with the high school students.

These showpieces were transported by Forum8 staff from Tokyo Head Office. Especially, they wrapped 3D print models and other breakable things in pouches and carefully carried.

Next "SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018" will be held in Tokyo International Forum from 4 to 7 December 2018. Forum8 is supposed to support the operation as the highest class "Platinum Sponsor".

Venue of "SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017" 
held in Bangkok, Thailand
Many visitors at Forum8 booth

Event venue VR Motion Seat lets us experience motions
in back and forth, right and left, up and
down while watching 3D images on HMD
VR Motion Seat was also popular among
local female high school students.
Always a queue in front of the seat.

A visitor (left) experiences "AR Mail From
Harbin", and a Forum8 member (right)
explains it. A 3D image of building is
displayed when a smartphone is held
above the postcard.
Miniature projection mapping
Real image is projected on
a 3D print model 
HMD simulation game
"Train Simulator VR"

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