The 24th ITS World Congress Montreal 2017
●Date: 29 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2017 ●Venue: Le Palais des congres de Montreal
Hosted by ITS America / ITS Canada
(Up&Coming 2018 New Year issue)

The ITS World Congress 2017 was held in Montreal, Canada on a theme "Integrated Mobility Driving Smart Cities".

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Yutaka Hasegawa (Councilor, Commissioner General's Secretariat, Commissioner General, NPA) went up to the stage and introduced NPA's efforts such as arrangement of experimental environment on public roads in SIP (Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) and active participation in international treaty meetings, as the world leading country of vehicle. Representatives of each organization including Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications attended the big tape cutting at the Japan Pavilion.

This year, 30 companies and organizations participated from Japan. Forum8 played a lanyard sponsor three years in a row, and a cumulative total of 8,000 visitors received the lanyard. We could meet a lot of guests from Japan and overseas at our booth.

Tape cutting at Japan Pavilion
(by representatives from each organization)
Forum8 banner in the venue

We newly showcased the VR Motion Seat at this congress. Although this one-person simulator is small and is sold at a low price, it is equipped with a 3DOF motion platform and is linked with HMD.

For this simulator, we displayed a UC-win/Road content that a roller coaster is running through a city. It can be customized for other hardware such as gaming simple steering in addition to HMD.

The torque control of steering wheel was performed on the UC-win/Road drive simulator, and we showed a simulation of autonomous driving in VR data reproducing the Montreal city on it. This system allows us to combine various condition settings by using the scenario function in UC-win/Road for the steering torque control test at system development of autonomous driving.

The brainwave driving system attracted attention from media and was covered widely in ITS World Congress 2017 Dailynews.

At the booths of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and DENSO Corporation, the latest ITS technology experiences with the driving simulators equipped with UC-win/Road were provided.

At the underground parking, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. was spotlighted with the demonstration of the autonomous valet parking. Towards the implementation of the 5G connected car, some articles focusing on communication were exhibited, and experiments result of optimized communication handover outdoor was also introduced.

Forum8 is promoting a variety of R&D including deep learning and AI fields. We actively continue to develop useful functions for development of ITS and autonomous driving. Keep your eyes on our advancement.

A lot of participants visited the Forum8 booth and experienced driving simulators and the VR Motion Seat.

Brain Wave Driving was covered
in the ITS official Dailynews
Systems of each company adopting UC-win/Road (BMIA (France),

FORUM8 allows people to drive via brainwave activity (ITS Dailynews)
Seminar Report

シミュレーション 動的非線形解析 構造解析/断面 橋梁下部工 仮設工 上下水道/河川 CALS/CAD 耐震診断/補強 建築設計 サポート/サービス ASPサービス 橋梁上部工 基礎工 道路土工 地盤解析 維持管理 鋼橋設計 UC-1ツールズ 紹介プログラム