Automotive Engineers Forum(AES)
●Date: August 31, 2018
●Venue: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center at Central World
(Up&Coming 2018 Fall issue)

On August 31, 2018, Automotive Engineers Forum (AES), an exclusive place to discuss about advanced automotive technologies, was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of this year was "Under the global trends of latest automotive R&D, Automobile Electrification and Autonomous Driving Vehicles with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS )". FORUM8 has attended all the 4 times of this forum and this time ran a booth and delivered a lecture as a gold sponsor. In the lecture, we introduced the UC-win/Road Drive Simulation, the log output function, the point cloud modeling, the Simulink plugin, and the camera sensor base plugin. After playing videos of the 8DOF DS, the DS in Nagoya University, and the awarded works of 3D VR Simulation Contest and CPWC 2017, we explained the date of Design Festival 2018 and contents of Autonomous Driving Conference. In our booth, we showcased UC-win/Road and VR-Cloud®. The Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand introduced by a professor of Chulalongkorn University who are using a 6DOF simulator in the university contacted us about drive simulators for researches and tests of autonomous driving technology. In addition, we received inquiries about the utilization of UC-win/Road such as the drive training of tuk tuk and the driving license lecture. FORUM8 will continue to provide our products further in Thailand and other Asian countries.

Seminar Report

シミュレーション 動的非線形解析 構造解析/断面 橋梁下部工 仮設工 上下水道/河川 CALS/CAD 耐震診断/補強 建築設計 サポート/サービス ASPサービス 橋梁上部工 基礎工 道路土工 地盤解析 維持管理 鋼橋設計 UC-1ツールズ 紹介プログラム