The 25th ITS World Congress Copenhagen 2018
●Date: September 17-21, 2018
●Venue: Bella Centre
Organizer: ERTICO - ITS Europe
(Up&Coming 2019 New Year issue)

ITS World Congress 2018 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark under the theme of "Quality of Life". In the city that is aiming to be a world-first carbon neutral city by 2025, many connected cars and newest ITS systems for environmental preservation and sustainability were exhibited. About 400 companies and organizations from 96 countries exhibited, and total number of visitors exceeded 10 thousand.

Six companies including FORUM8 ran a booth on their own outside Japan Pavilion. We were proud of being a lanyard sponsor for 4 consecutive years. At the FORUM8 booth, we displayed latest solutions including hardware cooperated system using UC-win/Road under the theme of "VR-Design Studio UC-win/Road" FORUM8's VR & Cloud Solutions for ITS, ADAS, Autonomous Driving, IoT and Embedded Systems.

For the first time we exhibited VIVE x Taiko reproducing the world of ukiyoe in UC-win/Road and VR Walking Simulator that utilizes the interactive communication in UC-win/Road and allows people to travel in a VR comprehensive traffic environment with pedestrian and vehicles. Moreover, we introduced the Kinect handsfree driving that uses the infrared to recognize wearer's skelton, customized development of embedded system linked with UC-win/Road, UAV remote control, 6-axis motion drive simulator, automatic steering torque control simulator, and VR-Cloud® that is an interactive cloud solution enabling the VR control and VR drive simulation on mobile devices. In particular, the walking simulator and 6-axis DS were hugely popular.

Among the Japanese companies, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. displayed a UC-win/Road drive simulator reproducing Aisin's ITS technology that communicates data among "human", "road", and "vehicle" by using the latest ICT, and visitors tried the technologies. In addition, Micware exhibited a UC-win/Road cooperated drive simulator for the experience of its own autonomous driving related technologies and services. As just described, each FORUM8 simulator displayed at each FORUM8 users' booth caught attention from visitors.

Same as usual, we could show our products to existing users and many new users who visited our booth. In addition to control systems such as ECO drive, log export, Simulink, and HILS, UC-win/Road has rich automotive related functions including the cooperation with industry-standard vehicle motion model such as CarSim and CarMaker. In Ver.13.1, PBR(Physically Based Rendering), enhancement of point cloud modeling plug-in, and VR RTLS (Real Time Location System) are newly added. These functions are really helpful for future vehicle industry. We continue to suggest advanced systems supporting ITS system research and development.

Seminar Report

シミュレーション 動的非線形解析 構造解析/断面 橋梁下部工 仮設工 上下水道/河川 CALS/CAD 耐震診断/補強 建築設計 サポート/サービス ASPサービス 橋梁上部工 基礎工 道路土工 地盤解析 維持管理 鋼橋設計 UC-1ツールズ 紹介プログラム