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International Job Fair Indonesia
●Date: October 4-8, 2019 
●Venue: Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia
●Organizer: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
(Up&Coming 2020 New Year issue)

In the beginning of October 2019, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry held Ithe International Job Fair in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and Bandung, the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia. Indonesia has the 2nd highest number of Japanese learners in the world, and many people want to work in Japan. There are many human resources specialized in science or engineering including those graduated from great engineering faculty. At this job fair, we attended not only the recruit activities but also exchange events with students from top universities. We were able to exchange information with many Indonesians.

The exchange events were held with a purpose of making a connection between Japanese companies and teachers and students at local universities. We visited career centers at local universities to greet teachers and get information about students. Students and staff members of career centers gathered at university halls for the events. We could conduct no screening test there since it was not a job fair, but we could understand the reactions and levels of local students and students could know that they have a choice of working in Japan.

October 5 (Jakarta)
After the company explanation of FORUM8, 123 students applied and we had an interview with 9 students at site. This was very high number among the participated companies.
Total number of participated companies was 20 and over 700 people came to the event. Although the FORUM8 booth was located at the far end of the site, we always had a lot of students because we had good recruit conditions and answered to their questions in Indonesian on site. In addition, 40 students attended the company seminar started in the afternoon.
Most of applicants and interviewees wanted to join FORUM8 as a technical engineer. They had really good English skills but their Japanese skills were less than we expected.
We explained that we would do screening test and writing test in Tokyo and will give a notification of appointment to the applicants who passed the final interview by executives. Some of the companies decided to employ students at site.

October 7 (Bandung)
After the event started at 10 a.m., about 600 students visited around each booth of 16 companies. FORUM8 had 114 entries and 25 attendants to the company seminar and interviewed 6 students.
Same as Jakarta, FORUM8 booth was very popular, and we did presentations in English and Indonesian to more than 70 visitors. Since the number of visitors at venue decreased in the afternoon, we did both of interview test and presentation. One of the interviewee was a trilingual who could speak Japanese, English, and the mother tongue (Indonesian).

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