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SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Brisbane
●Date: Nov 17 - 20, 2019 
●Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
●Organizer: ACM SIGGRAPH
(Up&Coming 2020 New Year issue)

SIGGRAPH is called the largest and best CG festival in the world. After exhibiting at SIGGRAPH in San Diego for the first time, FORUM8 has ran a booth actively in Asian and European countries such as Vancouver, Singapore, Yokohama, Shenzhen (China), Kobe (as Platinum sponsor), Macau, Bangkok, Tokyo (as Platinum sponsor, 2018), and Los Angeles (July 2020). The event this year was held in Brisbane, Australia, and the theme was "DREAM ZONE!". FORUM8 served as a platinum sponsor for the 3rd time and ran a large booth under the theme "VR design, modeling and simulation platform for the next generation digital cities".

At the FORUM8 booth, focusing on UC-win/Road Ver.14, we showed demonstrations of the newest functions of the comprehensive 3D contents creation software Shade3D and the native file cooperation between Shade3D and UC-win/Road, and VR-NEXT corresponding to the material reflection and high-accurate expressions based on PBR (Physics Base Rendering). We also displayed Automatic Steering VR Simulator with Torque Control and VR Motion Seat that are linked with UC-win/Road. The simulation data contained scenarios reproducing hazardous driving situations such as a vehicle cutting in on Metropolitan Expressway, too-slow cars, objects on road, and traffic jam at a blind corner, etc. The autonomous driving simulation mode was equipped with sensors detecting nearby vehicles, their speed, and surrounding objects, and visitors experienced the safety brake, safe lane change, and passing other vehicles. Many visitors also tried the thrilling ride of VR Motion Seat reproducing a large roller coaster running in 3D data created by scanning around Shinagawa Station where the FORUM8 HQ is located. The earthquake simulator can be used for testing movements of furniture and structure at the time of earthquake. On the simulator that we displayed at the event, the FORUM8 showroom was reproduced with UC-win/Road, and it simulates the shaking of earthquake corresponding to imported seismic waveform. The furniture and exhibit systems were set with parameters including friction factor and physical engine and shake according to those parameters. Air Driving was displayed on 6K screens and attracted many visitors. It allows gesture driving on VR data reproducing Melbourne by linking devices such as Kinect and Xtion Pro®. As another application example of image recognition, we displayed an AR technology that uses the image (markerless) recognition and displays 3DCG with the cooperation of Premium Arts Co., Ltd. and suggested the development to VR cooperation and CV (Computer Vision). Specifically, when a vehicle frame displayed on tablet or smartphone is overlayed and recognised on a car model, vehicle body colours and layouts of chassis and engine can be checked and changed in VR space. This is the AR system that can be utilized for a wide range of industrial business including vehicle development. We exhibited the VR 360 simulator for the first time. This simulator is a roller coaster type cockpit that rotates 360 degree as a flight scenario created in UC-win/Road. Since the FORUM8 booth was located right near the entrance of the venue, a lot of visitors paid attention to it, and we could sometimes hear some of them scream from excitement.

A visitor got an impression on UC-win/Road that in addition that it can create realistic VR data of cities with quick and easy PC operations, it can be used as an comprehensive VR platform that allows users to download digital twin of each city around the world from a library named DB server. Our talk went specific and the visitor wanted to use the digital twin of Melbourne immediately.

FORUM8 will continue to improve software functions and system cooperation to provide cutting edge solutions that can be used by customers in various industries.

Seminar Report