Report on seminars and fairs

There continues to be severe conditions throughout Japan for the holding of events. At the real venue events, we take all possible infection prevention measures in accordance with the guidelines presented by each event organizer. Here are five events held in various locations, including online events and hybrid events.

Civil engineering, construction, surveying
The 25th Earthquake Countermeasures Technology Exhibition
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Measures in the DX Era - National Resilience Solutions Realized through VR Platforms
●Date: March 17 - 18, 2021 ●Venue: Pacifico Yokohama ●Organizer: "Earthquake Countermeasures Technology Exhibition" Executive Committee

A variety of technologies to prepare for and correspond to natural disasters are gathered in this technology exhibition. Many visitors paid attention to our exhibits which allow them to experience such as remote control systems for heavy machinery using 3DVR, snow removal vehicle simulator for training, earthquake simulators, etc., and they also had interested in F8VPS (Virtual Platform System), which enables real-time communication in 3DVR space using a web browser as a communication tool in the New Normal era. In addition, as for the remote control system of heavy machinery using 3DVR, the demonstration of cooperation of eyeglass-type wearable devices was also popular. There is an ultra-small display slightly above the frame of the glasses, which captures images caught on virtual cameras installed outside heavy machinery and eliminates the blind spot. It can also be used for a wide range such as training and work assistance. If you are interested, please contact us.

Exhibits such as snow removal vehicle simulators for training Linkage between remote control
system and wearable glasses

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The 3rd Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO (CSPI-EXPO)
Survive the DX era! Introducing VR digital platforms that realize automation, autonomy, and remoteness
●Date: May 12-14, 2021 ●Venue: Makuhari Messe ●Organizer: CSPI Executive Committee

Under the theme of "Cutting-edge technology for the next generation", this exhibition featured exhibits with impact, such as the display of real huge heavy machineries inside the venue and the demo operation of actual machines outdoors. At the FORUM8 booth, we exhibited VR digital platforms such as training simulators for snow removal vehicle and safe driving, remote operation of heavy machinery, and F8VPS, under the theme of "Utilizing 3D Spatial Information in the DX Era". On the first day, the exhibition official coverage was distributed on LINE Live and YouTube, which allowed people to participate in the exhibition online, symbolizing the remoteization in the DX era.

Demand for heavy machinery remote control systems is increasing for safety education for young operators
Since many of companies coming to the event owned construction equipment, the remote control systems for heavy machinery and the snowplow training simulator attracted attention. We think they were able to experience more real simulation by the operation training on VR. We explained that there is a strong demand for safety education and training for young operators, and that we can flexibly customize our systems to various types of heavy machinery and training situations.

Use F8VPS for showroom exhibitions and visualization of construction sites
F8VPS, which can reproduce university campuses and offices in VR, was highly evaluated as it realizes real communication even at faraway places from the real venue and it can be accessed on a browser immediately. Since it was an exhibition that could provide digital twins that have become increasingly interested in recent years, we received specific requests such as an exhibit of showrooms and a visualization of construction sites.

The venue surrounded by actual heavy machinery 3DVR Digital Twin and F8VPS

Remote control system for
construction heavy machinery
Interviewed on Youtube Live "CSPI-EXPO"

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◆Cutting-edge surveying technology was showcased at the booth of Kansai University, the collaborator of FORUM8
At the booth of Kansai University, which offers technical cooperation to our products, state-of-the-art surveying technology and products were exhibited, such as a unique drone that can fly continuously for more than 30 minutes with a high accuracy of 3cm, and a small wearable sensing device that visualizes the movement of players during rugby and American football games.

Kansai University Advanced Spatial Measurement Technology Development Consortium

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EE Tohoku '21
FORUM8's National Resilience Solution - Accelerating DX with VR Digital Platform
●Date: June 2-3, 2021 ●Venue: Yume Messe Miyagi ●Organizer: EE Tohoku Executive Committee

A total of about 400 people attended the event, and we mainly introduced design and analysis software that promotes national resilience solutions.

Snow removal simulator essential in snowfall areas attracted attention.
ICT construction machinery was exhibited at the satellite venue, and it was an exhibition where we were able to feel i-Construction close to us. We also did a presentation of the remote control system of the assembled backhoe for disaster areas introduced by the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and received requests of remote operation and automation of heavy machinery.
Since the event venue was in Miyagi Prefecture, the snow removal vehicle simulator was so popular that people waited in a queue. Unlike ordinary vehicles, simulators for snow removal vehicles were not common, and we received good reputations from companies and public organizations that actually own and sell snow removal vehicles.

Reproduce construction sites and offices on VR responding to various situations such as corona virus crisis
We also exhibited F8VPS and explained that various places such as offices and universities can be reproduced in VR even in the situations that prevent us to actually go the sites such as the corona virus crisis and bad weather like heavy snow. We will continue to accelerate exhibition of site confirmation regardless of accessibility by digitizing on-site data with digital twins.

ICT construction machinery exhibited at the satellite venue
Introduction of 3DVR remote construction
system, F8VPS, etc.
Snow Removal Training Simulator

◆Research results of Akita University Hamaoka Laboratory: Banded guide light for night snowy road driving
As an example of the use of VR simulation of snow road driving by UC-win/Road, NEXCO East booth also displayed a VR exhibit to experience the effect of banded guide lights during nighttime snowy road driving, which is the research result of our user, Akita University Hamaoka Laboratory.

Experience of banded guide light effect during night snow road driving by Hamaoka Laboratory, Akita University

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Automobiles, systems, and others
The 83rd Annual Meeting of the Information Processing Society of Japan
●Date: March 18-20, 2021 ●Venue: Online ●Organizer: Information Processing Society of Japan

This online event featured academic lectures and paper presentations on a Zoom, and some programs were broadcasted live on Niconico. As a gold sponsor, we gave a lecture titled "Utilizing VR Digital Platform UC-win/Road in the DX Era." In addition to the presentation of UC-win/Road, a 3D VR software that can be widely applied to construction infrastructure, disaster prevention, MaaS, autonomous driving and mobility projects, etc., we also introduced F8VPS, which can create interactive 3D VR content using a web browser.

Introduction of various simulations / Real-time cooperation with traffic simulations

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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE
Introducing simulation environments for creating vehicles and society in the future
●Date: May 26 - July 30, 2021 ●Venue: Online ●Organizer: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc

Under the theme of "MaaS and Autonomous Driving Solution VR Digital Platform in the DX Era", we proposed to create an optimal environment for automotive R&D and showcased our products such as UC-win/Road-based driving simulators and packaged products for autonomous driving and ADAS.
In the organizer's exhibition, not vehicles themselves but how to be involved with the global environment and society was displayed, and we could see that various simulations including the surrounding environment are required now. Please take a look at the exhibition of our VR digital platform to create the vehicle and the society in the future.

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FORUM8 booth Introduction of exhibited products

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