ASIA Online Seminar
Date: Hanoi, March 19 / Seoul, April 16 / Shanghai, April 20 / Taipei, April 23 / Qingdao, April 27 / Sydney, May 11, 2021

FORUM8 held the 2021 Asia Online Seminar series this Spring. The series featured online seminars being held in the Asia Pacific regions at our international offices in Hanoi, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Qingdao, and Sydney. All seminars were available for free viewing Online and conducted in the local languages of the respective countries.

The seminars were about 3-hours long and consisted of a brief introduction to FORUM8, a guest speaker main event, and then a follow-up introduction of FORUM8 software and Up&Coming developments. For the main event of the seminar, we invited various guest speakers and experts to present their current research in the fields of BIM Utilization, Autonomous Driving Development, Traffic Management, Infrastructure Design, and more! The guest speakers came from a wide range of backgrounds including university professors and researchers, engineering leaders, and government officials.

We were grateful to have such active topics and in total we had over 400 participants join the entire seminar series! We are excited to be able to share our excitement about VR across the globe and we look forward to seeing you in next year’s Asia Online Seminar series. Stay tuned for updates and how you can register for next years events by following us on social media or checking out our website!

Experts presented their current research in each seminar. Point cloud is imported to UC-win/Road and utilized for VR simulation.

(Up&Coming '21 Summer issue)
Seminar Report