Digital Days 2021
Date: October 10-11, 2021 Venue: FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office Showroom / Online

The Digital Agency has been established with exceptional speed after the announcement of its establishment on September 1, 2021. As one of the Digital Agency's politics developments, Digital Days was established on October 10 and 11, which is the combination of "1" and "0" representing digital, to be familiar with digital technology and find ways to use and enjoy it.

As a sponsor, FORUM8 decided to hold a "Hybrid exhibition & Seminar in Japan and Overseas" and exhibited the cutting-edge VR cooperative systems including F8VPS and driving simulators at FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office Showroom.

This event was supported by "Minato-ku Kiss Port Foundation" and held under the theme of traffic safety, and we wanted the visitors to have more consciousness to traffic safety by experiencing the driving simulators. In addition that local residents experienced driving simulation, children tried to drive a vehicle from the driver's view on the simulator. Some commented, "It's difficult to drive a car!" and "A child ran out into the street!", and the event should have been a great opportunity for children to learn the traffic safety rules again. On the other hand, adults reconfirmed their own driving skills by driving simulation and checked their abilities of recognition using the senior driving simulator. The people of all ages were able to experience our approach to safe driving through the digital technology.

The driving simulator was popular among children.

23 people from 16 companies in 5 Asian countries participated in the online virtual tour.

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Seminar Report