MIT Special Seminar
Date: September 9th, 2022 Venue: Online

We invited Mr. Kent Larson, Principal Researcher Scientist, City Science Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which we have a partnership with, to our MIT Special Seminar to have a lecture named "Modelling Entrepreneurial Low-Carbon Cities" about the forefront of autonomous driving, AI, and cloud research. Before his lecture, Mr. Keiji Yano, Direcotr of MLT ILP Japan, talked about his interactions with Japanese companies that are deepening relationships with MIT for its further development, as well as with young people from powerful startups. In the lecture, he talked about how we can simultaneously work top-down from the government and bottom-up from the private sector in urban planning, and about the potential for significant impact to achieve carbon neutrality such as a new zoning idea, with concepts seen with the bigger picture

Mr. Kent Larson

(Up&Coming '22 Fall issue)
Seminar Report