FORUM8 Design Festival 2016-3Days+Eve
●Date: November 15 (Eve), 16-18 (3Days), 2016 ●Venue: Shinagawa IntercityHall (Up&Coming 2017 New Year issue)

Tue. Nov. 15 Eve   Wed. Nov. 16 Day1   Thu. Nov. 17 Day2   Fri. Nov. 18 Day3

Leading the Fields of Infrastructure and Transportation in "the First Year of VR"
Future Needs in the National Policies and Diverse Possibilities to be Realized by IM&VR and DS

Forum8 held "FORUM8 Design Festival 2016-3Days+Eve" at Shinagawa Intercity Hall for 4 days from November 15 to 18 (with 15th as the Eve of the Festival).
Originally multiple events were held individually, which were reorganized in 2009 fiscal year into a festival of the current form with three consecutive days in every autumn. Since last year, "Eve (of the Festival)" was added combined with attraction.
This time, Eve was followed by various menus including lectures and presentations in three events of "the 17th UC-Win/Road Conference (VR Conference)", "the 9th International VR Symposium", and "the 10th Design Conference"; as well as award announcements and award-giving ceremonies of "the 15th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud", "the 4th Cloud Programming World Cup (CPWC)", "the 6th Virtual Design World Cup (VDWC)", "the 3rd National Resilience Design Award (NaRDA)", and "the 2nd Junior Software Seminar"; and exhibition, presentation of newly published books and the author lectures. Since FORUM8 will mark its 30th anniversary in May 2017, the Design Festival of this time is also positioned as an opening event of a series of memorial projects.

A Wide Range of Use of VR Proposed for Opening the Memorial Projects for 30th Anniversary

First, Eve was featured by "Diorama Mapping", performing different kinds of simulation through projection mapping (PM) onto urban and architectural models utilizing VR, and "Urban Flight Attraction on the Large Screen", a game of saving evacuees by operating an ultra-small drone. Mr. DJ ONI produced a casino-like party, under the theme of "Fusion of dynamic urban model and VR/PM".

Design Festival Day1 started in the morning with "Age of virtual reality. UC-win/Road® Presentation" as its beginning of "the 17th UC-win/Road Conference". This was followed by presentation "Autonomous Driving Conference" by the end of the first half of the afternoon part, in which officers of the concerned national government agencies in charge introduced the policy for autonomous driving, also as an opening event for commemorating the 30th anniversary of foundation.

In the second half of the afternoon part, result announcement and award ceremony for "the 15th 3D VR Simulation Contest on Cloud" were held. Prior to this day, 10 works had been nominated out of entries. Awards were determined through public voting using VR-Cloud® (Nov. 5-13) and the final selection (Nov. 15).
After each sessions were over, lectures were given by the authors and supervisors of the latest books of FORUM8 Publishing "Learning Road & Pavement Construction Engineering Through VR", "Safe and secure pictograms", and "BIM & CIM world expanded by FORUM8", which is the book related to our Company, issued by the Kensetsutsushin Shimbun Corporation. Then Networking Party and Book Launch Sale were held.

In the first half of the morning in Day2, a special lecture was given for "the 17th UC-win/Road Conference". In the second half, the final presentations by the entry teams of nominated works for the 4th Cloud Programming World Cup (CPWC) (8 works nominated out of the entries in advance) and "the 6th Virtual Design World Cup (VDWC)" (11 works nominated) were made followed by the final judgment.
In the first half of the afternoon part, "the 9th International VR Symposium" was held, in which "World 16 members (of whom 12 members participated)" presented their research results. Then "the 2nd State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association / Latest Contents Sessions / CRAVA Inc." was conducted, followed by special lectures of the symposium. Then Award Ceremony was held with result announcement for "the 4th CPWC", "the 6th VDWC", and "the 2nd Junior Software Seminar". Finally, just like Day1, Networking Party was held.

Day3 (the final day of the Design Festival) started with <Seismic, Geotechnical and Water Works Sessions> of "the 10th Design Conference" continuing from the morning part to the first half of the afternoon part. Following this, Result Announcement and Award Ceremony for "the 3rd NaRDA" (finally judged by judges on Nov. 15 for 8 works nominated in advance out of the entries) were held.

During the period of conference, different systems were exhibited at the foyer (in front of the Hall). At the same time, a TV program for the viewers to experience the latest IT including VR while learning English was introduced, which is to start from Jan. 2017 on TOKYO-MX sponsored by FORUM8.
Seminar Report