FORUM8 Design Festival 2018-3Days+Eve
Date: Nov. 13, 2018 (Eve), 14-16 (3Days) / Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall
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Tue. Nov. 13 Eve  Wed. Nov. 14 Day1  Thu. Nov. 15 Day2  Fri. Nov. 16 Day3

EVE    Nov. 13 Tue.    FORUM8 Design Festival EVE
Japanese entertainment space
The theme of EVE in this year is "Wa - Japan". In the first ink-wash painting live show "DRAWING KNIGHT presents ink-wash portrait", a painter drew a woman in kimono standing on stage in only 10 minutes and got the audience excited.

Following to Japanese arranged tap dance, flower arrangement performed with a live show of shakuhachi and koto decorated the stage during the event. At Japanese dance and ninja performance produced by DJ ONI who is familiar to Design Festival, motions on stage were displayed in image as they were.

In Foyer, we exhibited VR games such as "VIVE x Taiko", "VIVE x Yabusame" with VR Motion Seat, and "Gold fish scooping". In addition, we displayed "The law of working ant" (Unlimited Works / ECC College of Computer & Multimedia) awarded the FORUM8 prize at "CSAJ U-22 Programming Contest" that we cooperated as a gold sponsor and a member of executive committee. A lot of visitors enjoyed these exhibits.
Seminar Report

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